4 Halloween Costumes You Should Try This Year

4 Halloween Costumes You Should Try This Year

Halloween is soon approaching, so you need to prepare for your costume!

It's October, and you know what that means: Halloween!! Halloween has always been a fan favorite for those who enjoy dressing up, but can be a pain for those who lack creativity or passion for costumes and makeup. For this Halloween, you have multiple options here to look back at. So, save your American Horror Story binge watching for another night and get out and make it your spookiest night yet!

1. Senior Citizen

The costume for this is relatively easy, just find a sweater and some pajama pants with slippers and add slight wrinkles to your face! This look is super fun to create, and not many people think of doing it! The only products you need for the wrinkles is a brown eyeliner or eyeshadow, and just draw naturally placed wrinkles all around. Retirement for the win!

2. Cleopatra

Channel your inner Egyptian with this colorful take on a classic Cleopatra look! For the costume, you will need a white dress, gold bet, blue shawl, and sandals. The makeup look can be done with a teal shadow all the way up to your brow, inner and outer winged liner (pointing the wing downwards in the outer corner) and a peachy lip. Walk like an Egyptian when going to your Halloween event this year!

3. Fox

Being an animal for Halloween is a classic, but being a fox can change it up a bit, and you can look super cute with a friend! For the fox, you will need an orange top, jeans or white pants, and a fox tail with ears. The makeup can be a bit challenging, because a few more products are used. The lower half of your face needs to be a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone, add an orange shadow all over the lid and into the crease, and then go ham on the black liner. The liner should cover the tip of your nose, connecting down on your cupid's bow, adding small whiskers above your lips. I also added winged liner on my eyes, furthering the inner corner's wing down beside the bridge of my nose on each side. Although the makeup is a bit challenging, it pays off in the end!

4. Car Crash Victim

Many people cannot stand the sight of blood, and just looking at someone else bleeding creeps them out. If you're like me, however, you enjoy the creepy special effect makeup style that deals with all things gore. The costume is really simple, just wear a normal, everyday outfit. The makeup, however is the hardest makeup out of all four looks mentioned. To make a bruise, you want to use a dark red to start, blending the edges. You then want to add purple towards the center of the wound, blending into the red. To make your bruise more realistic, adding a tiny bit of yellow to the outside of the bruise and blending it well, will help. For the open wounds, I used scar wax, molding it into the shape of an oval, keeping the middle open. Once it is placed on your skin, use the same bruising technique on top of the scar wax. Add some fake blood to the inside of your wax, and let some of it drip down your skin. Now, you can live your creepiest life ever on the creepiest night of the year!

All of the products needed to achieve each look can be easily found at Walmart, or any drug store that sells Halloween makeup. Stay safe out on the town, and remember to make it an awesome night. Happy Halloween!

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"May your day be as flawless as your makeup."

On YouTube, there are so many different channels, but favorite are the beauty ones. Here's a list of the 20 most popular beauty gurus on YouTube that will inspire you:

1. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill, 26 years old, is a professional makeup artist, beauty and fashion blogger, and YouTube phenomenon who publishes videos to her channel Jaclyn Hill.

2. Nikki Tutorials

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3. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero, 30 years old, is a makeup and beauty guru with an enormous social media presence. She runs a blog called Naturally Nicole where she posts tutorials, DIYs, reviews, and fashion blogs and beauty videos on her Youtube channel.

4. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel, 26 years old,YouTube superstar and makeup, beauty, fashion and fitness guru who publishes videos to her channel. In addition, she also runs a highly successful blog called The Fashion Bybel.

5. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota, 21 years old, YouTube star known for giving beauty tips to youngsters on the web. Her channel has earned over 10 million subscribers. She became the first YouTuber to ever be a cast member on Dancing With The Stars in 2014, and that same year she also won a Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Female Web Star as well as a Streamy Award for Best Fashion Show. In addition, she also collaborated with Aeropostale clothing line.

6. Lauren Curtis

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7. Laura Lee

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8. Casey Holmes

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9. Teni Panosian

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10. Tess Christine

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11. Lauren Elizabeth

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12. Manny Mua

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13. Jeffree Star

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14. Kathleen Lights

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Tati Westbrook, 35 years old, best known on YouTube by her channel name GlamLifeGuru, she is a Hollywood makeup artist and stylist who posts beauty hauls, tips, tutorials and reviews to her channel.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Working In Food Service Has Made Me A Better Customer

Seeing the same situation from a fresh perspective can help you develop respect for others and improve your own behavior.


Ever since the summer after I graduated from high school, I have worked three different food service jobs, all of which I've loved. To be honest, it's impossible for me to pick a favorite among the three since all have brought me enjoyable work environments, amazing coworkers, and the satisfaction of being productive and useful.

Even though blue-collar jobs like food service are often looked down on, I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities I've had in this line of work. I've gained such an appreciation for how hard people with these jobs work, and it's helped me improve and modify my behavior when I'm a customer at a restaurant.

For instance, I know from personal experience as a customer that it's frustrating when your order is made incorrectly, the service is slow, or a seemingly simple task seems to take an eternity. However, now that I've worked in food service, I understand that the work is much more difficult than it looks. You're constantly rushing around to restock supplies and communicate with your coworkers, all while dealing with the stress of rushes at meal hours and of working in a noisy, often crowded environment. Now, whenever I'm ordering food somewhere, I try to be patient and give employees the benefit of the doubt because I know things can be tough even when you're doing your best.

Furthermore, my jobs in food service have helped me realize that a lot of things are beyond the control of the minimum wage employees working at the counter. When I'm a customer at a restaurant where prices have changed or a particular item is out of stock, I don't get upset with the person taking or making my order. As a restaurant employee myself, I know what it's like to be afraid that a customer will be upset because of a certain price or policy or because we ran out of something they want. I know that food service workers aren't trying to make things difficult for the customer. Most of the time, employees want to meet customers' needs but simply can't because of circumstances beyond their control, and I take this into consideration when I'm a customer.

Another thing I've learned is the value of simply being friendly and polite as a customer. The employees behind the counter are people too, and they have to deal with stressful situations and tough hours every day. Having a customer who smiles and says hello before ordering, instead of simply spouting off what he or she wants without even a simple greeting, always makes my day. Furthermore, if we make a mistake on someone's order, it's such a relief when they aren't upset or snappy about it, but instead calmly and politely ask us to remake it. Whenever I'm a customer, I try to be as cheerful and friendly as I can to the person taking my order since I know how much that means to me when I'm in their shoes.

Of course, many employees are simply lazy, rude, or negligent, and such behavior is not acceptable. Workers need to practice the same tolerance and manners as customers do. Food service is a two-way street with employees and customers, and having people on both sides who respect each other and want to do their best makes the experience better for everyone involved.

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