4 Great Things You'll Experience at Comicon
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4 Great Things You'll Experience at Comicon

Make sure you bring enough cash to indulge your art buying spree

4 Great Things You'll Experience at Comicon

Comicon is a convention where a bunch of people meet up to share their love for their favorite shows, movies, games and everything pop culture. With the world turning around and embracing 'nerd' culture these events are bigger than ever across the globe and for those of you who haven't gone to one yet, here are four good things you're going to experience at a Comicon.

1: A shared love for everything you love.

The whole point of the con is to come together with other people who share your love and passion for the bits of media you experience in your life. The great thing about that is that you're all the same. You all have things that brought you here and even if you and random other person aren't a fan of the same things, you can appreciate everything at the con and appreciate that there are others who are as big a fans of something as you are.

2: All of the cool stuff there is to buy!

I myself just came back from Rhode Island Comicon which I went to for the second year in a row, and RICC is one of the larger scale cons. It takes place in a convention center that is five floors and connects to another smaller center and every bit of this place is packed with something going on. The main floor is massive and has stalls set up for artists and their work on all of your favorite things. The fun for me is looking at everyone's art because you never know what you're going to find. I myself bought 150 dollars worth of art this year!

3: Celebs!

On the same main floor as the art, there is a large section in the back that is dedicated to celebs who will sign things and take a picture with you. You do have a sort of gamble on who will be friendly or not, but mostly, people who come to the con are more than happy to exchange a few words and have a conversation- albeit a short one because of time constraints. You never really know who will be at the con, but the dedicated website always has a list of who's showing up and you're guaranteed a few people from things that are currently super popular (Like Stranger Things or The Walking Dead) and you're always guaranteed a plethora of other random celebrities from wrestlers to niche secondary characters in TV or film. This year I had the privilege of meeting Justin Roiland, who does the production and the voices of Rick and Morty.

4: Panels!

Panels are basically a dedicated time for certain stars of a show to come together and discuss things about the show and their work and careers. Depending on who is there, you're probably gonna get some cool panels, and a close semi-personal look into a celeb's life and an inside look at what they do. I went to the panels for Justin Roiland who talked about Rick and Morty of course (Rick is autistic by the way) and about some of his earlier works and how Rick and Morty took off. I also saw Jason David Frank who was the original Green Ranger in Power Rangers, and he talked about his time doing that, and his MMA career and such. You never know what panels you'll get, but there is always going to be something cool going on.

Comicon is a really fun time, and as long as you're a fan of something, you're going to enjoy yourself immensely. Just remember, bring some extra money you can spend, because you could find some stuff you might love and never see again!

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