4 Cheap and Easy Holiday DIY Decorations
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4 Cheap and Easy Holiday DIY Decorations

Make your room festive without breaking the bank.

4 Cheap and Easy Holiday DIY Decorations

With the holiday season coming, it's time to make things a little more festive. But the problem is that decorations are stupidly expensive. So my favorite route to take, is to make my own. Thanks to my artsy roommate, here are a few things that we do to make our room festive and bright.

1. Wreath

You can either buy a really cheap wreath or you can make your own. I recommend getting a foam ring from a craft store and them either gluing ornaments to it, or actually trying to put on foliage.

2. Banner

This is the easiest of the DIYs. You can go really easy and just make a standard paper chain like back in kindergarten. Or you can buy a make your own kit from a craft store. With some string and felt you can make cute banner that can be hung up and jazz up any room.

3. Lights

This may not be a real DIY but lights can change a room from being boring, to being a holiday masterpiece. You can bye really cheap lights and then either hang them around a room, outside, or used in a decorative placement setting. Plus, they can be reused.

4. Snowflakes

Let's bring it back to old school. Simple paper snowflakes may seem tacky, but with attention and time they can be the cheapest decoration. In fact, you can find patterns online to make amazing snowflakes and turn your room into a winter wonderland.

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