The world is full of ever-changing inventions and novel creations. While this is great for the purpose of creating job opportunities and giving a purpose to the masterminds who are behind these new inventions, I have recently bothered me just how materialistic I have been in the past. I am sick of all this stuff; it's everywhere!

I'm not saying that certain objects don't have value and that we should get rid of all our stuff. However, I am saying that I think it is super important to think twice before making another purchase. Objects take up so much space and if they don't hold significant value, whether that be a monetary value or a memorable value, then what is the purpose of that object? Physical things just clutter up space rather quickly.

As a result, there is less space for new energy to flow through a room that is full of clutter. This also means that the chance of any positive energy entering that room is decreased as the ability for any energy flow at all is compromised due to everything that is already in the space.

When life gets overwhelming, the last thing that you want to do is come home to a space that is overflowing with useless objects. Your environment plays a major role in how you feel; if it's cluttered, then it is likely that your mind will also be cluttered making it difficult to focus on anything.

Moreover, think about the environmental impact that your purchase is having. If you are getting the most use out of an object and it proves to be useful for you, then by all means, but it. Yet, if the purchase is going to be used twice, once, or never (yikes!), then it probably is not very useful. When you finally realize that the object has taken up space and you no longer have a use for it, then it either gets thrown away or donated. Hopefully, the latter is chosen; yet, neither option would have to be taken into action if you didn't make that purchase in the first place.

Additionally, the amount of money you have the potential to save when you start making purchases mindfully is amazing. This can account for physical objects such as clothes, glassware, technology, and decorations but also includes food and cosmetic products. The first examples of objects may seem like the obvious ones when you initially think of what could be collecting dust quickly; however, it is important to be aware of the food and cosmetic products you are buying also.

Use what you already have before you run out and purchase something new; otherwise, you are merely creating more waste (and losing money in the end). Have you ever rummaged through your kitchen pantry to find things you forget you even purchased and now they are long-expired? Cosmetics are just as easy to buy and forget about because you simply get consumed in trying something new. Over time, it is shocking just how much stuff can pile up without your conscious awareness.

Thus, that is why I have made it a goal of mine to always be aware of what I am purchasing. If the object does not have a useful purpose, then I am not bringing it into my life. If the object does not promote feelings of sheer joy and happiness, then I am not bringing it into my life. If the object will be taking away money that I could be putting toward something more practical or important, like school or rent, then I am not bringing it into my life. It's OK to make purchases, but it is important to think them through first.

Being mindful of your spending habits will prove to be beneficial in terms of saving both money and space. What's preventing you from starting this good habit right now?