2017 is the year I decided to get myself on a workout routine.

I made sure to start in December of 2016, so that I wasn't labeling myself as a "New Years Resolution" gym member. As part of of this resolution, I've also been more open to trying different types of workout classes. It seems there's always some new trendy workout to do, so I wanted to give it a go.

One class I've been wanting to attend for a few years is hot yoga. I've heard great things about the classes, and figured I should just do it- what did I have to lose? I wanted to compile all the thoughts I had before, during, and after my yoga experience.

Before Thoughts

I’m someone who does my research ahead of time for whatever physical activity I choose to embark on. Usually I think of at least three reasons why I wouldn’t be able to do the activity. Then the self-motivation kicks in, and I get amped up for whatever class I’ll be doing. I had zero idea what to expect when it came to hot yoga. So let me run you through my thoughts before I took the class.

-"Am I going to puke?"

-"I rarely sweat- I wonder how sweaty I’ll get?"

-"Does it smell in the studio with all the sweaty people?"

-"Will it be a fast hour?"

-"How hot is hot yoga?"

-"Would it be like if I did yoga in Florida?"

-"Should I be wearing a tank top?"

-"Are my clothes going to stick to me?"

-"Am I going to pass out?"

-"Wow there’s a lot of people in this room."

-"It’s not that hot in here- I can handle this."


All I can think of is Ron Burgendy’s response “Well that escalated quickly” as I’m in the middle of this yoga practice. One minute it’s a little toasty, and the next Niagra Falls has unleashed itself on my body. But that wasn’t the only thought I had in the middle of my practice. Here are a few more thoughts that were running around in my head.

-"Wow, there’s still so many people in here."

-"Oh this breathing in the beginning is awesome, I’m so relaxed."

-"Alright things are starting to pick up, and it’s starting to get a little warmer in this room."

-"Is that sweat? I’m already sweating this early on...it's been 5 minutes!"

-*15 minutes in*

"Goodness gracious there’s sweat everywhere- this is disgusting."

-"Are other people sweating this much? *looks around to others*…yup others are equally as sweaty."

-"Ladies…this is one event I think would be acceptable to go commando to."

-"My pants are actually stuck to my butt right now- this is the definition of “swamp ass” (see above suggestion).

-(sponge bob voice) "WATER!!"

-"I’m sweating so bad, but the only top I’ve got left is my sports bra. Can you wear a sports bra during this class? There’s men in here."

-"Awe heck, it’s WAY too hot in here for this t-shirt…sports bra it is!"

-*looks around the room* "Oh plenty of other people are in sports bras- it’s cool."

-"Where is this sweat even coming from?! I JUST toweled off."

-*just watches beads of sweat drip from forehead*

-"I wonder how much time is left during this class?"

-Instructor: “And let’s move onto our backs and let’s stretch out the hips”.


-"Corpse pose…are we done?!"

-“I’ll come around with a cold lavender towel” "SERIOUSLY?! This is the best night ever!"


The incredible duet of Galinda and Elphaba from Wicked said it best, “What is this feeling so sudden and new?” Mainly I was left mesmerized by the first time sweating more than I have in my entire life. I didn’t think it was humanly possible for me to drip sweat like that! But here are a few more thoughts I had when class finished.

-"That was the fastest 60-minute class ever!"

-"I didn’t even realize I could sweat that much!"

-"I feel drunk- all my endorphins are flowing and it’s hot and sweaty, I sort of love this feeling!"

-"I think I’m floating- I’m not even sure what to think!"

-"Next time I need to wear a tank top."

-"I will absolutely do another class!"

What I discovered:

-Yes you will sweat...A TON, but it's alright because everyone is equally as sweaty as yourself.

-Wear a tank top, you won't regret it! I promise you'll get warm enough and might even end up in just a sports bra...it gets that hot.

-No one else is paying attention to you. You're too focused on the sweat dripping off you to be checking your surroundings.

-HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! The day you're going...make sure you drink plenty of water. Obviously it's hot in the room, and you'll be loosing sweat. Do yourself a favor and avoiding passing out in the room by just drinking water.

-Bring yourself a towel for the yoga mat and also to wipe yourself down- you'll thank me later!

For anyone who has ever let their thoughts or worries stop you from going to a workout class, I am with you! But I encourage you to take that step out of your comfort zone, and try something new. Don't let your thoughts get the best of you! I was able to push past the resistance of avoiding hot yoga, and found a new workout to add to my routine.

Bring on the sweat!