31 Signs You Are a Walt Disney World Addict
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31 Signs You Are a Walt Disney World Addict

Are you also a Disney World Fanatic?

31 Signs You Are a Walt Disney World Addict

They say the first step to beating addiction is admitting that you have a problem. I am addicted to going to Walt Disney World. You too may be addicted. Whether you are a pass holder, cast member, or just love to go on vacation, all of us addicts have a few things in common. Here are 31 signs you may be a Walt Disney World addict.

1. You know how to navigate all four theme parks without a map.

2. You know the best ways to beat the crowds and all the shortcuts.

3. You know where all the nicest bathrooms are located.

4. You own the CD version of at least one show or parade.

5. “¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!” is something you know by heart.

6. There are rides you reserve for naps and rest times (i.e. The Peoplemover, Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress).

7. You are totally okay with going to a park and not riding a single ride.

8. You have a favorite park snack (or more than one).

9. When they change a menu or take away one your favorite park snack, you are devastated. #RIPhotliquidcheese

10. Pin trading is one of your favorite hobbies.

11. You have successfully traded for more than one complete pin set.

12. You own more than one pair of ears.

13. Most of your clothes either have the words "Walt Disney World" or a Disney character on it.

14. You get offended when someone confuses Disney World for Disneyland.

15. Or when someone refers to Magic Kingdom as Disney World.

16. When you are not at Disney World and you hear someone say something about Disney World, you immediately become interested.

17. You are jealous when anyone you know goes on vacation to Disney World.

18. You have to refrain from singing along with "Wishes" as to not ruin the experience for everyone around you.

19. You love to watch the fireworks and the parade, but you also know that this is the time of day when Space Mountain's line is the shortest.

20. You love to share Disney World facts with people who have never been before.

21. Your friends who have never been to Disney World ask you to help plan their first trip because they consider you a Disney "expert."

22. You love seeing people experience the magic of Disney World for the first time.

23. Other guests have asked you for directions or Disney World tips because you "look like you know what you are doing".

24. You are okay with being at the parks while it's raining because you know it will be less crowded.

25. You have celebrated at least one holiday at Disney World.

26. You know all the parade times and typical park hours.

27. You notice when something has changed at a ride.

28. You get excited when you see new merchandise in the parks.

29. Main Street U.S.A. feels like your second home.

30. When you are not at Disney World, you are thinking about the next time you will be.

31. No matter how many times you have visited Disney World, you still consider it "The Most Magical Place on Earth." What's so wrong with being addicted to magic?

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