31 PUN-tastic Captions For Your Next Summer Instagram Post
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31 PUN-Tastic Captions For Your Next Summer Instagram Post

Hilarious captions guarantee to boost your Insta likes.

31 PUN-Tastic Captions For Your Next Summer Instagram Post
Original Photo by Karlee Onstad

You are hilarious and now your Insta followers must know. Here are 31 captions for every summer activity you'll do this year.

1. Eating Ice Cream

"You just got soft served." "Happy Sundae!" "Putting the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae." "This ice cream has my mindconed (mindblowned)!" "I'm over-coned (overcomed) with emotion rn."

2. Boating

"This is posSHIPly the best day of my life. Sea what I did there?"

3. Tubing down the river

"No mom, I said aquaholic…"

4. Making S’Mores

"You can never have too marsh (much) of that mallow." "I got roasted for liking burnt marshmallows." "I refuse to (marsh)mellow out."

5. Blowing bubbles

"It's a POPin' good time."

6. Playing miniature golf

"That game took FOREver."

7. Hanging on the beach

"The best celebration, is a shell-ebration." "It is shore a great day for beaching." "Hanging with bae on the bay." "My mom asked me if I was going to the beach and I said, 'You beacha!'"

8. Going to a waterpark

"WATERever your worries are, a water park can heal it." "I might have got whip-splash from that ride."

9. Camping

"Pitch, don't kill my vibe. (Sorry if that seemed in-tents.)"

10. Picking apples at the orchard

"Now taking apple-cations for an orchard co-explorer." "I could make a joke that you are the apple of my eye, but I peel like you've heard that before."

11. Picking strawberries

"This was a berry great day!" "These are the prettiest strawberries I have ever seed."

12. Drinking on a porch

"All hands on deck mates, I've had four margaritas."

13. Barbecuing

"Grilling- that's my (barbe)queue to make a dad joke."

14. Stargazing

"I could STARe into your eyes all night." "There is a twinkle in your eye."

15. Biking

"We had a wheeling great time!" "You can't handle(bars) us."

16. Fishing

"This season has me hooked." "It's the perfect Sunny day." "Smells fishy."

17. Hiking

"This is the day I PEAKed." "It's that climb of the year again!"

18. Playing with dogs

"There can never be a ruff day when you're with puppies." "Whelp, this is the best day of my life." "This is a FURtastic day." "Fur real! I ran into this little pup today."

19. Attending baseball games

"I think there was just a big play, butt I must of missed it…" "I am in glove with this game."

20. Flying a kite

"We so fly."

21. Going to farmers market

"I herb it on the grapevine that this is the best Farmer's Market in town, and I couldn't agree more." "Lettuce be thankful for Farmer Markets."

22. Watching fireworks

"Looks like the fire works." "The sky is lit tonight." "That was a lot of F-bombs…"

23. Having potluck

"Baked some good food for this potluck."

24. Dartying (day partying)

"It's dayLITe"

25. Licking a lollipop

"Lol-ly my tongue is blue!"

26. Hammocking

"I would say that I am just hanging in there, but I don't want you to mock my jokes."

27. Going to brunch

"I love this meal very brunch!" "An egg-celent start to the day." "I could say a brunch of food puns, but I donut want to butter (bother) you."

28. Attending concerts

"This concert was hella note-worthy!" "That was a pitchin' good time."

29. Going out at night

"This was a bar-illiant idea."

30. Tanning

"Sun of a beach, I got burnt." "Make it RAYn (rain)!"

31. Running outdoors

"It's a RUNderful life!"

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