You take your last final and you think to yourself, "Oh my gosh, I'm officially on winter break?" Whether you have plans on exactly how you're spending the next however many weeks or you're planning on staying at home and watching Netflix, I can guarantee these thoughts have popped into your head.

1. How am I going to survive without my friends for four weeks?

2. How much clothing do I really need to bring back home?

3. What about shoes? Do I need all of my shoes?

4. I can't wait to sleep in my bed.

5. Oh, my God! I get to see my dogs.

6. I'm going to spend this break focusing on myself.

7. So do I like unpack all of my clothes now?

8. Or do I live out of bags for the next month?

9. Why do I feel like I'm on vacation in my own house?

10. I should probably join a gym while I'm home.

11. Wait, I can shower WITHOUT SHOES.

12. Have I been eating more here than at school?

13. No, that's impossible.

14. I should really start storing snacks under my bed here.

15. Wait. Did I forget that back at my dorm?

16. I 100% left that back in my dorm.

17. I miss my friends.

18. How many days till I go back to school?

19. Being home is weird.

20. Why does everything seem so different?

21. I have never been so bored.

22. Do you think I could finish this entire series in one day?

23. Oh, my God. I finished this entire series in one day.

24. Maybe I should get a hobby.

25. I am really going to get myself together for the second semester.

26. I miss my school.

27. Maybe I should stop sleeping till noon.

28. What's a normal amount of naps to take in a day?

29. Exactly how much money can I make over the next four weeks if I work every day?

30. I am so excited to go back to school.

If winter break has taught me anything, it's just how much I love my school and the people I've met at school. Being home lets you relax and recharge for the next semester and although being home with family and old friends is nice and very fun, I'm sure you're as eager as I am to head back to school!