30 Things Only People From Portage, Wisconsin Say
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30 Things Only People From Portage, Wisconsin Say

It's "Where The North Begins", even though we are located in south central Wisconsin...

30 Things Only People From Portage, Wisconsin Say
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Wisconsin is such a beautiful state filled with towns of all shapes and sizes.

Portage, WI is one of these towns. It's of average size, home to roughly 10,000 people. If you have met anyone from Portage, they have probably talked to you about these 30 things.

If you are lucky enough to be from Portage, I'm sure you can relate to:

1. "Wow your parents went to PHS too?"

2. "Who knew we were related!?"

3. "Damn, I can't wait until A&W Drive In reopens for the summer!"

4. "I miss Krista's Kitchen."

5. "It's by the Dells."

6. "Two words; Popcorn Corner."

7. "Our high school was designed like the federal prison in town."

8. "My first job was at Dairy Queen!"

9. "Well my first job was at Culver's."

10. "Who needs a splash pan when you have Silver Lake Beach?"

11. "Yes Jeffery Dahmer was in our prison."

12. "Dude, our curling teams are the best in the state."

13. "Let's go get breakfast at the Red Apple."

14. "Thank the Lord we got a Dunkin Donuts."

15. "I hope we get a Kohl's or a Target in that old Kmart building. Wishful thinking though."

16. "Yeah we have 3 Kwik Trips, no big deal."

17. "Cascade Mountain? Yeah I've worked there before."

18. "I only like Baraboo for Devil's Lake."

19. "What even is Canal Days?"

20. "I wish downtown was more lively."

21. "So is the Flying P our mascot or??"

22. "Take 'em to Church Road."

23. "My elementary school is better."

24. "Just think about how nasty we would have looked in Orange graduation gowns."

25. "The party is in a field. There will be a fire, and don't forget the Bud Light."

26. "Spinning wheels was a definite highlight of my childhood.

27. "My Grandma is taking me to Tamarack."

28. "I wish I didn't live here."

29. "I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else."

30. "P-O P-O P-O-R-T T-A T-A T-A-G-E P-O-R-T-A-G-E"

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