I Went 30 Days Without Wearing Makeup And It Changed The Way I Look At Myself For The Better
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I Went 30 Days Without Wearing Makeup And It Changed The Way I Look At Myself For The Better

A good skin care routine and a little self-love can make a huge difference.

I Went 30 Days Without Wearing Makeup And It Changed The Way I Look At Myself For The Better
Raphael Lovaski

Around this time last year I was in the middle of completing the 30 Day No Makeup Challenge. I know what all of you girls who hardly ever wear makeup are thinking, "yeah so, want a gold star?" But save your sarcasm because this was one of the hardest things for me to do.

If you know me, then you know that every day up until last year I wouldn't be caught dead with a bare face. I always had a full face of makeup on. My friends and family probably hated it.

They'd want to spontaneously leave to get dinner or catch a movie but they'd have to wait at least 30 minutes, if not longer, if they wanted me to go with them.

Ever since I was allowed to wear makeup, I have. I had freckles I used to hate, red spots, and the adolescent acne everyone is bound to get at some point in their teen years. I used makeup as a shield and in hindsight it only added to my self-consciousness.

Last March I finally had enough. I challenged myself to go 30 days without foundation, setting powder, concealer, etc. The only makeup I kept wearing was for my eyebrows and also mascara. (If I didn't fill in my brows they'd be nonexistent, shoutout blonde hair.)

Getting ready for class was so much easier, I'd just roll out of bed, run a brush through my hair, brush my teeth, change clothes, and I'd be on my way. I got to sleep for almost a whole extra hour than before, it was great.

But then came the hardest part, weekends. I'm in college, there are parties, clubs, kickbacks, you name it. It almost turned into the 30 Day Stay In Your Apartment Challenge. I was embarrassed to go out. Thankfully I have friends that are literally so amazing.

They made me go out anyways. We kept our normal weekend routines and even took Instagram pictures to prove it. I was beside myself at how confident I became.

The 30 day challenge ended up becoming a part of a lifestyle change. Fast forward to a year later and I maybe wear a full face of makeup once or twice a week and my everyday look has now become a blank canvas, or if I'm feeling a little extra, BB cream, mascara, and a dash of eyebrow filler.

My acne subsided and I only get breakouts during midterms and finals, I'm sure you can understand why. I've learned to love my freckles, and my new skin care routine has lessened the redness.

Two products that I swear by that have really worked magic on my skin is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and CeraVe Daily Moisturizer. I use them both in the morning and before I go to bed every single day and they truly are the skin care equivalents to "Michael's (Jordan) Secret Stuff" from Space Jam.

Not only do I rock a fresh-face, I also walk around more confident than I ever have in my life. If you're someone who can relate to the girl I was a year ago, then take the mask off. Wipe away those insecurities and force yourself out of your comfort zone.

You were made to look just how you are, and that's beautiful, embrace it.

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