3 Times I Never Thanked My Dad Enough

3 Times I Never Thanked My Dad Enough

Real talk... my Dad is a Superhero


Growing up the persistent question of, "Who is your role model?" always seemed to linger around in my mind. Looking back, we all might have believed we had the right answer, but it is when we grow older and recognize our hopes and dreams that we realize the characteristics and aspirations we desire to obtain. For me, it was in college that I recognized my father as my biggest role model and there are an infinite amount of times I have recognized that I cannot ever thank him enough for all he has done.

1. Thank You For Reminding Me that I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To...

It sounds cliche, but there is no truer statement. First semester sophomore year, I began the first Accounting class toward the Accounting major, AC 203. For anyone who is Accounting Major, you know this is no ~walk in the park~ class. During my first week of this class, I sat in my seat feeling hopeless that I would not succeed. I was nervous to tell my Father as I knew he was extremely proud of me for wanting to follow in his footsteps and go into Accounting as well. I began to consider switching majors when I found myself crying in the library doing the homework. It was at that moment I picked up the phone and called my Dad. It was then he gave me the Pep Talk that I consistently play in my mind when the going gets tough. He reminded me how hard it might be, but he was confident that if I put in the 110% Effort I have in previous classes, I would succeed. In addition, he reminded me of his past stories where he fell down but was able to pick himself up and find success. My Dad is not one to blow smoke and therefore will only say things if he truly believes in it. Although the next statement might sound simple it was what made me the strong Accounting Student I am today, he said, "Ask Yourself, 'How am I going to tackle this?' From there remind yourself you are fully capable of doing this if you work hard and set your mind to it."

Besides Accounting, my father has always been there for all of the big and small events that have taken place throughout my time. Growing up, I loved the game of Field Hockey. Immediately, my dad found a league for me to join and everyday he would drive me to the facility 45 minutes away and sit there for the duration of my practice. He has an incredible amount of patience and although it was something so simple as driving me to Field Hockey Practice, I recognize his determination in wanting me to be happy and find what I love.

2. Thank You For Teaching Me Every Little Detail About Finance, and I mean Everything...

I sure do not know many other people like me that have been introduced to Stocks, Roth IRA, and so much more ever since Kindergarten. I would be laying in my bed playing Nintendo Dogs on my DS for countless hours and my Father would come in and ask me to come downstairs where we would sit in front of the computer and he would inform me on different investments and stocks. At the time, I dreaded it. Every time I watched him type in "fidelity.com" into the search bar, I knew I was not going to see my Nintendo DS for quite some time. In addition, there was no family vacation unless I did not spend the entire plane ride or drive there performing Math problems. At the time I believed it was crazy, But, as a now 21 year old, I can not thank my Father enough for being so invested in my knowledge and teaching me from a young age about the business world. I think it is pretty cool to already have my retirement fund opened up, don't you?

3.Thank You For Believing In Me

Ever since a young age, writing has been my passion. I taught myself how to use Microsoft Word along with all of the templates and settings. Therefore, in First Grade, I began producing a Newsletter that I would send out to my family and teachers about a fake company I had started and would include all of my achievements. At the time, it was nothing. Little did I realize at the time my Dad was collecting each newsletter I was writing. As I grew older and went through stages where I did not know what I wanted to do, my father would remind me of these newsletters and my strong desire to be creative and keep an open mind. Looking at my newsletters I produced at such a young age reminds me to be proud of who I am and never stop being the person I am. There is no fun in trying to be just like everyone else and that is exactly what my Father taught me. Every voice is important, and there is no point in living a life being too quiet to speak up and always pursue your passion. Although an Accounting Student, my Father reminds me of my love for writing and teaches me the importance that even though Writing is not my major, it does not mean I cannot use my creativity and passion for writing in my professional career. Writing for the Odyssey has reminded me of this greatly and I know he is proud of me for balancing my passions as that is exactly what he did and desires for me to do.

Jus recently, I accepted an internship with a company I had always been extremely interested in and desired to work for. After interviewing, it was some time before I had heard that I had received an offer. Everyday, my Father went into St. Peters Church in Chicago and prayed for me and when the moment I had received the call extending the offer, my first phone call to tell the news to was my Father. I felt the pride in his voice of how proud he was of me and proceeded to tell me that he just so happen to be on a walk at that moment and was standing in front of the Company's Building looking up at their large sign when I had called.

No matter how many times I say THANK YOU to my Father, it will never be enough because I would not be the person I am today without him.

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Everyone in the world, has an individual dream. Whether it be their life dream, their dream vacation, their dream job, their dream family, their dream partner in life, their forever dream. Dreams are what drive us to be the best people we can be. Chase the stars. Here is a poem to remind everyone to never forget their dreams....



"Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow"

By: Langston Hughes

Dreams are what keep me going everyday. The dream of my life. The dream to live where I want. The dream to do what I want. The dream to conquer the world. The dream to succeed. The dream to be happy in my own life.

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