3 Simple Meals to Make While You're Stuck at Home
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3 Simple Meals to Make While You're Stuck at Home

Luckily, these do not require Gordon Ramsay-level skills

3 Simple Meals to Make While You're Stuck at Home

If you're anything like me, you're probably not the best chef in the universe. I remember spending a good portion of my first year at college attempting to make meals with my friend in the dorm kitchen. During one of those instances, a pot of water that we were using ended up boiling over and spilling everywhere. Thus, I may not be the best person to turn to when it comes to cooking advice. Still, the three meals I'm about to list are relatively easy to make at home, especially now that we all have more time on our hands

Stir Fry


The nice thing about stir fries is that you're literally able to put whatever you want in them and they'll still come out tasting nice. Okay, maybe not whatever you want. You probably aren't going to be throwing an oreo in a vegetable stir fry (but if that's how you want to eat it, by all means go ahead). This recipe is easier if you have something like a wok to make it in, but you don't need one. The way I usually do it is by taking the vegetables I want to use, such as green beans, chopped carrots and broccoli, and frying them in sesame oil for about 3-4 minutes. If you're adding in onions, you'll want to put them in last because they cook the fastest. After you're done, you can add in some teriyaki sauce and enjoy the different combination of flavors that you've created.

In addition to vegetables, you can of course add any kind of meat, like chicken or beef.



One of the reasons I like pasta is because, much like stir fry, it's a pretty versatile dish. There's many different kinds of pastas, sauces, and condiments that you could combine to make a great dish. Personally, my favorite kind to make is a chicken broccoli Alfredo. Simply cut up some broccoli, boil the pasta, and either bake or saute the chicken. Strictly speaking, it is not really an Italian dish, because Italian dishes don't have chicken in pasta, but it still tastes great nonetheless, especially with some garlic bread on the side.

A Salad


The salad often has a reputation for being a bland, tasteless dish with some dressing thrown upon a pile of leaves. However, if made correctly with the proper ingredients, a salad can be much more than that. There are actually guides online about how to make a good salad. For me, I've always preferred spinach or kale over romaine lettuce. When it comes to things to add into my salad, I like (fresh) chopped tomatoes, avocado, almonds, carrots, crumbled cheese, and some chicken thrown in there as well. When it comes to dressing, there are typically healthier alternatives, but I've always liked blue cheese myself.

So there you have it. Three meals that are relatively quick and easy, even for a cooking novice like myself.

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