3 Shows You Have to Start in 2019

3 Shows You Have to Start in 2019

If you need one, these shows are enough of an excuse to stay home all day.


We all love a good TV show, and we all love a good TV show during the holiday season. What better way than to spend time with friends and family than to cuddle under the fleece blankets, heat up some peppermint hot chocolate, and almost spill it because of the drama and the action?

However, do not fear, because these three shows aren't scary - they are better. Taughtly written with heart-thumping performances, they are some of the silver linings in the Hollywood television scene today.

*not in any particular order

1. Killing Eve


Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is a Russian assassin who loves fashion, food, and murder. Eve (Sandra Oh) is an MI5 agent who seeks justice, answers, and a thirst for action. In suspense-dripping scenes punctuated by dramatic action, the women battle in a nail-biting game of cat and mouse that you can't help but root for them to end up together. Killing Eve is considered Oh's comeback to the TV screen, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance. Both Oh and Comer have been nominated for Critics' Choice Awards. Last I heard they just finished shooting Season 2...

2. The Good Doctor


Freddie Highmore plays Shaun Murphy, an autistic with savant syndrome. He is currently a resident at San Jose St. Bonadventure Hospital. Highmore provides a memorable performance as the brilliant but socially awkward Shaun. In fact, even though the supporting cast of Antonia Thomas, Nick Gonzalez, and Richard Schiff are gold, he's the one and only star. The mid-season finale just passed, and let's just say that I'm ready to get back into the drama.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Of course, how can I not include Brooklyn Nine-Nine in this list? I started this show back in 2015, and it has quickly risen to one of my top favorites. Winner of two Golden Globes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine focuses on an immature but loveable cop, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) as he fights crime, figures out love, and cracks jokes with the rest of the precinct squad. Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) is personally my favorite character but Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) can totally hold his own.

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Growing Up Catholic And How It Shaped Me

"I like being able to believe there is more to life than our time on Earth."


Ever since I can remember, I have attended church every Sunday morning. Not always at the same church, but always at the same time with all the same people. I've never known anything different.

Both of my parents are Catholic and so are their parents and so on and so forth. I attended religious education classes my whole childhood and when I was 15, I chose to get confirmed which basically says you are choosing to continue your faith.

As a kid, I didn't really understand why we went to church every Sunday and there were some Sundays where I just didn't want to get out of bed to go. When I'm on the verge of not going to mass I tell myself that it is just 1 hour of my time, 1 hour each week and that is all I have to give. Everyone has 1 hour to spare.

Now that I am older, I'm grateful my parents have introduced me to the Catholic Church. I like having something to believe in and being able to have faith. I'm a huge optimist in my daily life and a big part of that is because I trust God's plan for me, whatever happens is with his best intentions for me. I like being able to believe there is more to life than our time on Earth.

It seems that the word "Catholic" has a negative connotation nowadays and that makes me extremely sad. No one should be judged or profiled based on their religion.

Being Catholic to me means always striving to better myself and bring myself closer to God. Being Catholic might mean something else to another person and that's what is great about religion and faith, they affect everyone differently and it is up to you to decide what to do with these 2 things.

At the end of the day, I am grateful for being brought up in the Catholic family I was because it gave me my morals and made me the person I am today, whom I am proud of.

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You Know You're From Trumbull, CT When...

The best memories are made in this boring, little, Connecticut town.


1. The majority of places you will consider to eat at are in Fairfield or Westport... Colony, Shake Shack, Country Cow, Playa Bowls, BarTaco

2. But if you find yourself too lazy to get on 95 for food, Panchero's is the go-to... never Chipotle. If it is past midnight, the choice always comes down to the McDonalds in Monroe, where you are almost guaranteed to see a group of people you know, or Merritt Canteen.

3. Once you got your license, your Friday night plans consisted of picking up friends, driving up and down Main Street, and, somehow, always finding yourself at the THS parking lot seeing who's car is there because there is nothing better to do.

4. In the Fall, you couldn't wait for Friday so that after school you and half of your grade could walk to Plasko's Farm for ice cream and apple cider donuts... and hope you could get them before the owners would yell at you to leave. (This one only applies to Hillcrest Middle School kids, AKA the inferior middle school in town).

5. You couldn't wait to be a senior so you could officially lead the BLACK HOLE at football games... if you were even willing to go in the cold.

6. You looked forward to the annual Senior Scav, the last week of summer before your senior year where a list of tasks is passed down by the recently graduated class... the official kickoff to senior year.

7. You pass by Country Club Rd. and get flashbacks from the worst Cross Country practices ever. Driving up Daniels Farm Rd. in the Fall and Spring, you are conditioned to yell "hi" out the window to your friends at practice.

8. You knew someone who worked at Gene's gas station... and found yourself spending more time there on the weekends than you would like to admit.

9. You are convinced Melon-heads are real after frequenting Velvet St. to see the abandoned insane asylum with your friends, IF you didn't want to drive all the way up to Fairfield Hills in Newtown.

10. You have had/have been to at least one middle school birthday party at the Trumbull Marriott.

11. You know that the 25mph speed limit on Whitney Ave. is way too slow... and can't help but hit a little air going down the huge hill at the top.

12. The guy at Towne likely knows your name.

13. You never find yourself turning right out of THS... that side of town is irrelevant for those who do not live there.

14. You know to avoid the Merrit Parkway from 4:00-7:00pm at all costs.

15. You know more than you would like to about people you aren't even friends with... in a town so small, things get around very quick.

16. Going shopping really means going to Target, or any store in the mall, for the millionth time that week.

17. The marching band was the best in the state and you would see them practicing, literally, every time you drove by THS.

19. Depending on the side of town you lived, you spent a lot of time at Five Pennies Park or Indian Ledge Park.

20. You would say you couldn't wait to leave, but when you got to college, you find yourself excited to come back to your hometown so you can reminisce on old traditions and make new memories.

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