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The Most Heartbreaking Media Saga Award: Zayn Malik Left One Direction

March 25, 2015. The day millions of hearts collectively broke. Zayn Malik, the bad boy, angel voiced, artistic and sensitive Zayn Malik, left One Direction. But it didn't end there, the world flooded with, there was a legendary twitter war, a public breakup, and so. many. puns.

The Dumbest Controversy: Planned Parenthood

This summer, videos were released proving once and for all that Planned Parenthood, a government funded organization sells baby parts. Well, kind of. Turns out the videos were too heavily doctored to prove anything. And Planned Parenthood isn't actually government funded, they just give Medicaid reimbursements like any other doctor's office. Oh and they aren't aren't selling or profiting off anything either...

Best Bitchface Award: Hillary Clinton at the Bazillionth Benghazi Hearing

3 years later and we're still arguing the Republicans are still desperate to find a way to pin it on Hillary Clinton. No, literally, the same man who formed the "Benghazi Special Committee" is proudly admitting that it was all a plan to drop her approval ratings. We've spent more money investigating Benghazi than 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombings combined.

Most Likely for None of Us to Have Believed Was Possible One Year Ago Award: Donald Trump

No but really, did anyone in 2014 actually think Donald Trump would be the Republican presidential frontrunner by 2015?

The Biggest Moment for Trans Rights Award: Caitlyn Jenner's Public Transition

From coming out on Diane Sawyer, to her Vanity Fair cover, to her own reality show, Caitlyn Jenner brought trans issues to the front page and started a conversation that gripped the nation. Whether you think it's a huge step forward or a distraction from the real issues from the real issues, you can't deny that it brought the conversation and awareness to millions.

The Biggest Moment for Gay Rights Award: Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Which leads us to....

The Most Hated Person in the USA Award: Kim Davis

The Most Shit-Storm-Causing Trailer Ever Award-Star Wars: The Force Awakens

'Nuff said.

The Most #Done Award: Obama Talking about Gun Control

And can you blame the poor guy? He's already had to make this speech a few times already. Okay, maybe more than just a few times.

The Most "What the Hell How is This Still a Controversial Statement" Award: Black Lives Matter

You think it'd be obvious, but people keep dying while politicians keep making excuses.

And finally...

The Controversy Most Likely to Ruin Friendships Forever Award: The Dress

Within a week of its inception, this low quality, badly lit photo, quite literally destroyed the internet. 10 million tweeted, celebrities feuded, neuroscientists commented. For days you could walk into any crowded room and yell "What color is that dress?" and be guaranteed a chorus of responses, followed by arguing, and then screaming, and then everyone would just fall into a state of silent existential crisis.

All over one question: #blackandblue or #whiteandgold?

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