28 Underrated Songs You Really Need to Hear
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28 Underrated Songs You Really Need to Hear

Sometimes, really great songs slip under our radar and only a few of us are able to really experience their greatness. Come experience the greatness with me.

28 Underrated Songs You Really Need to Hear

Music is such a big part of our lives, whether we're musicians ourselves or we constantly have earplugs in and are music blasting for hours on end. There are so many places where you can find great music nowadays — Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, etc. but sometimes, really great songs either from artists who are just starting out and not even a part of a label yet or those who have released extra songs that didn't make it to their latest album slip under our radar and only a few of us are able to really experience their greatness. I've gathered 28 of my favorite underrated songs, some old, some new, from all different genres and on all kinds of topics, for you to listen and learn.

1. '93 - Youngr

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Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's fun and upbeat but with a serious message to it. It's a great blast to the past for anyone who was a 90's kid and was there before all the touch screens and social media platforms popped up and captivated most of society's attention. I also love how he's incorporated his own home videos in to the video. He was such a cute and goofy kid and I love that we get a chance to watch him grow up into such a musically talented and yet still adorable and goofy adult. The video really helps to tie the whole song together.

About the artist: There's not a lot of info out there about Youngr, I don't even know what his real name is. He has no Wikipedia page, but he does have a Facebook page and his own personal website. Neither of which has a ton of info on him either, but his Facebook has his latest tour dates and his website has all his music and other social media sites and photos. Some of his other great songs are "Too Keen" which is about a girl trying too hard and coming off a bit desperate, and ultimately getting the wrong idea regarding their relationship which I love listening to over and over, "Monsters," and his latest song "Out Of My System."

2. Mamma Mia - A*Teens

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I first heard this song when I was way young, I just recently discovered it again a few months ago and have been jamming it nonstop. This is meant to be on a sad topic since it's about someone constantly going back to a relationship even though that person has cheated on them several times, but gosh it's upbeat that I can't help singing along and dancing to the beat of it.

About the artist: A*Teens was an old late '90s pop group formed in Sweden. The band was the peppy teen version of ABBA. They covered a lot of ABBA songs and was once called the ABBA Teens before they shortened their name to exclude ABBA. The band was together for six years and had a lot of great hits before breaking up and starting solo careers. They have a ton of other great songs like "Morning Light," "Firefly," "Floorfiller," "This Year" which was featured on the early 2000s hit TV Show " Kim Possible," and "Can't Help Falling In Love," a cover of Elvis Presley's song by the same name that was featured in the " Lilo & Stitch "movie.

3. Diamonds - Vidya Vox ft. Arjun

Where I first heard it: on YouTube (it's available on Spotify though)

Why I love it: The beat is amazing, the lyrics are great, it combines Asian aesthetics with American lyrics and creates this awesome danceable, party vibe.

About the artist: Vidya Vox is known for combining English songs with the latest Indian songs and creating amazing mashups. She has an "amazing "voice and this is one of her original works with another awesome Indian singer, Arjun. Her very first Indian-American mashup was in 2015 where she infused Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" with another melodic song called "Hosanna". She can sing in multiple languages and has covered a lot of great hits. "Closer/Kabira" and "Kuttanadan Punjayile" (another amazing original) are two of my favorite songs by her. You can get a full list of Vidya's songs and the amazing mashups she's created here and check out her website for more info on her and her life.

4. Through - Jimmy Eat World

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I'm a writer and the lyrics to this song really reflected on a character of mine as she was going through this tragic event of losing a close friend and then having to deal with the repercussions of it. Also, there's this "amazing" guitar solo about halfway into the song that just makes me turn the volume up way high so I can enjoy it to the max.

About the artist: I'm sure a lot of people have heard about Jimmy Eat World, it's been around since the 90's, but they're still releasing new music. I had heard of the band before, but I just recently got into their music. Some of their other great songs are "Sweetness," "Sure and Certain," and their super popular hit "The MIddle."

5. Woohoo - Raghav

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's such a sweet love song that really gets you all pepped up and happy about the fact that you've finally found one. And maybe I'm wrong, but it kind of reminds me of a Backstreet Boys jam.

About the artist: Another great song I've recently discovered from this artist is "My Kinda Girl" ft. Redman (IMO the rap is a bit annoying and kind of contradicts with what the singer singing about, but the song is really good on its own, so I still listen to it a whole lot).

6. One Hint - Jake Miller

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I'm always iffy about acoustic songs, especially if I've already heard the original studio version a hundred times, but this is just an amazing song. Even though I went fully expecting it to be completely different, I was completely blown away by what I received instead.

About the artist: I'm sure a lot of people are acquainted with the pop singer and rapper Jake Miller, but I recently stumbled upon "another" Jake Miller and he's a completely different guy! I was super excited to know that Jake Miller had a new song out, but when I tried looking it up, I didn't find too many hits and upon listening to the voice of the singer more carefully, I realized that that was not the voice I usually heard. "For The Fallen" is an instrumental song I also love by this artist. It so sooo good, gosh, it's like powerful and lovely at the same time. It's basically an ode to all those who have fallen for us and man, will it give you some feels or what!

7. Ring of Fire - Devon Baldwin

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's just a really great song, I've never heard the Johnny Cash version, but after hearing Devon Baldwin's cover, I really want to. Devon has a really great voice and the song sounds as soothing and powerful as something you'd find in the soundtrack of a great movie.

About the artist: I don't know too much about Devon Baldwin, since this is the first song that I've ever heard of hers, but I definitely look forward to hearing more and I'll be keeping my ears open for more.

8. River - Bishop Brigss

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Where I first heard it: on NBC's World of Dance during my favorite contestant's performance.

Why I love it: From the moment it starts, from the moment that first beat drops, you know it's a super powerful song and when that voice comes in super smooth but with this hard edge, that's when you fall in love with both the artist and the song. This can be a song to dance to, a song to work hard to, a song that helps strengthen you and prove your worth

About the artist: Bishop Briggs is an awesome singer. I just love her voice and her songs always carry meaning and importance, and literally, everyone should listen to them if they're in need of a pick me up or just want a good jam. Another one of my favorite songs by her is "Pray (Empty Gun)" and if anyone watched the TV show " Scream", you'll definitely recognize it.

9. Forever Drunk - Miss Li

Where I first heard it: on an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Why I love it: It's got this really sexy, old time vibe to it. I loved the song before Miss Li even started singing, because that guitar intro is just so amazing. And then the way she drawls out her lyrics, she sings the lyrics as if she is actually experiencing them in the moment. She makes me want to learn how to play the guitar and sing like that. I have heard it enough times that I've got all the lyrics memorized.

About the artist: I don't know too much about Miss Li other than she's an amazing artist and that she's Swedish. Her other songs are pretty popular as well and have made it onto the soundtracks of the TV show " Weeds" as well as in an episode of " Desperate Housewives. """

10. Buildings & Mountains - The Republic Tigers

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: The intro was what really drew me in, I really liked the background music and the vocals. It sounded old-timey and dreamy.

About the artist: I don't know too much about The Republic Tigers other than that they're an alternative band who make music similar to Weezer, Blink-182, and Taking Back Sunday, so if you're a fan of that type of music, The Republic Tigers might be your new favorite band.

11. Your Universe - The Circle View

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Where I first heard it: on Spotify.

Why I love it: It reminds me of the kind of music you'd find in a coming-of-age movie, just playing in the background as young characters mingled about living their teenage lives. It's a really good jam with great lyrics tied together.

About the artist: There isn't a whole lot — or any actually, I should say — of info on the band or the song, so it was really hard for me to look more into them, but from what I've heard, they're really good musicians. If any new songs or videos come out from the band, I'll definitely listen to them.

12. Coloring Outside The Lines - MisterWives

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: You already know it's a great song from when it begins, because of that intro. There are a lot of cleverly put lyrics in the song, one of my favorites being: "They say that time slips away when you're having fun / That's why you said, 'let change our lives to a dull one.' "

About the artist: MisterWives is a really cool and funny name for a band, but this is the very first song that I've ever heard by them. I love their sound, I love their voices, love the lyrics, of course, and I read on Wikipedia, there's a saxophonist in the band and that just made me love them more, because I really think that the saxophone has a smoothy, jazzy, danceable feel to it.

13. Take Me Up - Coleman Hell

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: This song has literally everything, it starts up all light and peppy, then transitions into his hard, edgy beat but the lyrics stay consistent throughout, and that light screaming vocal in the background just lights me up every time.

About the artist: Coleman Hell is another new artist I've just recently discovered, so I don't know too much about him, but he's got plenty of songs on Spotify that I can't wait to start listening to.

14. EASE (Lontalius Remix) - Troye Sivan ft. Broods & Lontalius

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I usually don't like remixed versions of great songs, but this version of Troye Sivan's song isn't really all that bad, I actually prefer it over the original. It's probably because he has such an amazing voice and this is the slowed down version, so you can really hear the rawness and smoothness in his vocals.

About the artist: I have been in love with Troye Sivan since his three-part mini-videos came out featuring the songs "Wild," "Fools," and "Talk Me Down" from his album "Blue Neighborhood". I legit cried at the end of it. I have had an obsession with Troye Sivan since then. I love all of his other songs with "Youth " and "for him." being my top two favorites.

15. Can’t Rely On You - Paloma Faith

Where I first heard it: during a live performance she gave on the Graham Norton show.

Why I love it: I love the song not just because it's real funky, but because I really like the story behind the song. I love parts where she's like telling her man that if she can't rely on him, then he needs to set her free and get out of her way because she can do just as well without him than she currently is with him. I seriously can't get it out of my head.

About the artist: Paloma Faith is an English singer, songwriter, and actress and she's especially known for her very retro and eccentric style. She has a really great voice and I love the whole look she has in the video with her head-to-toe plaid outfit.

16. Heaven Sent - Mr Little Jeans

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's like a sleepy, dreamy song you listen to when you're laying around in bed with your beau and everything just feels all right in your world.

About the artist: Monica Birkenes AKA Mr Little Jeans is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. A little fun fact: the name Mr Little Jeans was inspired by Kumar Pallana’s character in Wes Anderson’s film "Rushmore". She only has one album called "Pocketknife" which was released in 2014, but I just recently came across Mr Little Jeans, so I might find more songs of hers to love.

17. I Will Be There - Odessa

Where I first heard it: on an episode of the TV show "The Red Band Society"

Why I love it: It's sweet, gentle, it's kind, it's almost like a lullaby that you'd sing for someone after they've had a terrible day and they're in desperate need of a friend. I always listen to this when I'm having one of those days. I just lay in bed and let it hold me and rock me.

About the artist: This song has appeared in a lot of TV shows from "Finding Carter" and "Catfish" to "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Fosters." It has even been in the "If I Stay" movie.

18. Gentleman - The Saturdays

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: There are a lot of girl power anthems out there, but I have yet to hear a guy power anthem and I like to believe that "Gentleman" by The Saturdays is one of them. Even though it does call out against certain guys who " don't" act like gentlemen, it can still be seen as an ode to those who are. I especially love the part in the song where they name all the celebrity gentlemen — even Kanye West who isn't a gentleman gets a shout out.

About the artist: The Saturdays have such great songs. "What About Us," "Don't Let Me Dance Alone," and "Disco Love" are my top favorites, but I'm a fan of all their songs on both of their albums.

19. Lights Down Low - MAX ft. gnash

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I loved the song before I even saw the video and then I found this video and I loved it even more. This video has clips from his recent wedding with Emily Cannon. Those eyelashes, in the beginning, were enough to steal my heart away. So, when I first heard this song, it as just kind of playing in the background and I was doing some work, but then there's was this one section in the song near the end that made me do a literal double take at my laptop screen, because just wow (it's the part beginning at 2:19 and then that part at 2:22 that continues on till 2:34 and finally comes to a soft end at 2:57 before starting the song back up again at 3:07). This song makes me want to take my beau and slow dance with him in the dark until the end of time. There are other videos of this song, but this one is my absolute favorite because it's just so beautiful and I love how real it is.

About the artist: I honestly had no idea that the artist MAX was Max Schneider from the TV Show" How to Rock" and the movie " Rags "until I went onto his Wikipedia page, but gosh is he an amazing singer or what? Gnash became popular when his super sad but amazingly good song "i hate u, i love u" ft. Olivia O'Brien came out. I've heard some more sad songs by him, but this was the first time I had heard him singing to a love song and man, it changed my whole world. There's a remix of this song that I'm also super obsessed with called "Lights Down Low (Riddler Remix)" and there's a part right near the beginning after the beginning verse and before gnash comes in that starts at 0:54 and lasts until 1:12 that really gives me goosebumps on the inside.

20. Obedear - Purity Ring

Where I first heard it: on the first episode of the TV show "Search Party"

Why I love it: It's got a really cool, mysterious sound to it. The vocals sound really nice and the background instrumentals really add a nice touch to it. It was a perfect fit for the show because the plot is also pretty mysterious and you don't quite know which characters to trust or believe.

About the artist: Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic music duo where Megan James provides the vocals and Corin Roddick is in charge of the instrumental portions.

21. Tremors - SOHN

Where I first heard it: on the first episode of the show "The Five"

Why I love it: Much like the song above, it's got this kind of mysterious and tense feel to it. The instrumentals used in this one are also really great and again, it was a perfect fit for the show and that particular episode, because it really went along with the images in that scenery and it really contributed to the overall mysteriousness of the show. The show is basically about this guy who was in charge of watching his younger brother but decided to ditch him near the woods where they were playing for his friends and he ended up going missing and was never to be seen again. That guy is now trying to let go of the past and by doing so, he goes jogging in those very same woods where he used to play with his childhood friends and where he lost his baby brother forever. As he runs, he has these flashbacks of that fateful day and the song just goes perfectly along with the whole scene.

About the artist: Christopher Michael Taylor AKA SOHN is a South London singer and songwriter. After listening to "Tremors," I looked into his other works and found two other great songs, those being "Conrad" (which featured in a Victoria's Secret commercial ) and "Rennen".

22. We Could Be Beautiful - Wrabel

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: I love this song for a number of reasons —

1) I love Wrabel.

2) The sounds and the beat are great.

3) The song's message.

I like to think that this song is like the better, more mature version of One Direction's debut song "What Makes You Beautiful." The song is basically saying that if the girl he was singing about knew how beautiful she was, they could have a beautiful relationship together. It's an amazing song to serenade someone and impress them with and it's also a great dance number thanks to the EDM beats.

About the artist: I know a lot of people has heard of Afrojack's "Ten Feet Tall," but I bet only a handful people know that Stephen Wrable, or simply Wrabel as he goes by, wrote and performed it first and Afrojack actually covered it. Some other great songs by Wrabel are "Bloodstain" which is a beautifully painful song about falling in love but never quite being enough for some one and he compares the idea that after one gets hurt so many times, they no longer see it as a big deal. It's basically a nonchalant way of him saying, that huge stab wound in the center of your chest? No big deal, it's just a bloodstain. "Sideways" and another beautifully sad song "11 Blocks" about not being able to get over someone and constantly being aware of the fact that they're only 11 blocks away. The song was heavily supported and promoted by musical artist Kesha.

23. May I Have This Dance - Francis and the Lights

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's just so great and I hate how short it is, because 2:52 really doesn't cut it for me with this. This song is one of my favorites and I'd listen to it till I was dead if I could. The lyrics, his voice, the way it goes high and then low, that falsetto, that deepness, there isn't a single thing I dislike about the song.

About the artist: Francis and the Lights is a solo musical project that's led by Francis Farewell Starlite. There is another version of this song where Chance The Rapper adds in a rap portion. Francis is so amazing, he even came up with a whole choreographed routine for the song that he performs on stage whenever he's doing a live show.

24. Something Wild - Lindsey Stirling ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: The amazing vocals of Andrew McMahon mixed with Lindsey Stirling's epic violin playing skills making this song so very awesometastic. It's a song about the pure and creative imaginations that kids tend to have and the music video perfectly depicts all that. You also get to see some of Lindsey's amazing dance moves as she goes on wielding her violin bow as if it were a sword itself.

About the artists: If you're a big fan of America's Got Talent and have seen all episodes of every season, then you might recognize Lindsey Stirling from when she was a contestant on the show. She became a quarter-finalist in the fifth season. She came on the show as a dancing violinist. Lindsey Stirling is no ordinary violinist; she doesn't do classical music, she often does covers of popular hit songs and slides her bow to the tune. I also love this cover she does of the super famous song "Hallelujah" for which she won Best Cover Song in 2016. She performed the song in a busy subway live for all to hear and enjoy and it's literally the best thing ever. She also has this battlefield type song called "The Arena" and it's a complete original. "Walking In My Sleep" and "So Close" are two of my other favorites by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

25. Love's Just A Feeling - Lindsey Stirling ft. Rooty

Where I first heard it: on YouTube, it came as a recommendation after I watched the video for the song above.

Why I love it: Lindsey Stirling is such an amazing artist, I had to put her on this list twice and especially since this music video needs to be seen by everyone. She came up with the whole story and concept and I just love the whole time traveling addition to it. The song is just so sweet and sad and Lindsey just looks so amazing with all the outfit changes and gosh, do you see her hair?! I just love the message behind the song of how love is only a feeling and it can occur multiple times, it's okay if you've loved and lost, it will happen again and you might never be ready for it, but that's okay too; don't run away from it just embrace it, embrace all the feelings and let it envelop you, because love is the best feeling there can ever be. There's a part in the song that is my absolute favorite and it's the violin solo at 2:33.

About the artist: See above for Lindsey. I've never heard of Rooty before watching this video, but I am definitely in love with her voice now after hearing her. She really made the song that much better.

26. Reach - Caleigh Peters

Where I first heard it: in the movie "Ice Princess"

Why I love it: This is a great song to listen to when you're feeling down and out, or like you're having trouble obtaining a certain goal. This is a super old song, it's been more than a decade since it first came out, so it has that old 2000's vibe to it, so it has both that nostalgic and relatable edge to it. " Ice Princess" was such a great movie and this song fits perfectly with the struggles the main character had and how she didn't let them get in her way, instead she kept on and persevered until she got what she wanted.

About the artist: I couldn't find a lot on Caleigh Peters, probably because she's an old artist. She has like three songs including this one Spotify, so I might look for more of her songs on YouTube because she has sung for other great Disney movies like "Herbie: Fully Loaded," "Go Figure," and "Sky High."

27. Another Beautiful Mistake - Hannah Trigwell ft. Corey Fox-Fardell

Where I first heard it: I have no idea, but I'm so glad that I did. I feel like it was in a TV show, but I can't remember for the life of me which one exactly and it's un-Googleable too.

Why I love it: Because it's so relatable! It's about having fallen for someone once before and getting hurt and here you are once again about to make the same mistake over again, but it's a new person at a new time and it just feels so great, that really how bad could it really be? It's a song about making a bunch of promises to yourself and then you meet someone and they make you want to break all the rules and just give into the bittersweet feelings.

About the artist: Much like other celebrities, Hannah Trigwell was discovered through YouTube after uploading song covers and has now reached millions of subscribers.

28. All Time Low - Jon Bellion

Where I first heard it: on Spotify

Why I love it: It's so peppy even though it's got a pretty sad message behind it. I love all the beats and sounds he incorporates into his music. It's also super relatable and I'm sure a lot of people (ahem guys) can relate. So, obviously, this song isn't as underrated, but it's still pretty unknown to a lot of the common people because it's not really in mainstream music. I love how even though he's basically singing one word over and over again in the chorus, it still sounds so melodic and honestly, he gives me eargasms every time he opens his mouth.

About the artist: Jon Bellion has the most amazing songs. He sings, he raps, he has some adorable dance moves, there are great instruments used in his songs, great vocal usage from other artists, his music videos are so artistic and extraordinary, and he's a great storyteller. Every time I hear a song by him, I already know I'm going to love it before I actually hear it. These are all my favorite songs by him: "Woke The F*ck Up" (the very first song I heard by him, with "All Time Low" being the second; it's about realizing that he's let the right person go and he suddenly woke up one day and realized he had f*cked up), "80's Films" (takes you back to the past with a love song about the 80's), "Luxury" (an amazing song about not letting your soul drown in luxury and that there are better things out there besides all the money and the luxurious lifestyle, and that he's basically in it for the music; it features Audra Mae and there's a part in the song where she really lets go and hits this really high note and it's just pure perfection), "Maybe IDK" (a sort of sad but uplifting song about not having the answers to important questions, but being okay with it), "Overwhelming" (a song about being completely overwhelmed by a relationship, but in the best ways), and "Guillotine" (a lovely song that shows despite having some personal demons, you can still find love and as the lyrics say, even if there are bones in the closet, you can still hang your stuff, if you have nightmares, they'll dance on the bed, and even if someone loses their head, they will be loved anyway).

I've created a Spotify playlist where I will be adding more of my favorite underrated songs as I come across them, you can follow it and expand your horizons even more. If you haven't got a Spotify account, I've also created a YouTube playlist which contains the same songs and more.

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