28 Unanswered Questions I Have About 'Gilmore Girls' 20 Years Later After It First Aired
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28 Unanswered Questions I Have About 'Gilmore Girls' 20 Years Later After It First Aired

Name a more iconic show, I'll wait.

28 Unanswered Questions I Have About 'Gilmore Girls' 20 Years Later After It First Aired
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I've watched seasons 1-7 of "Gilmore Girls" probably at least 100 times. I have to say season seven is definitely not my favorite but I still watch it.

"GG" is my happy place and I almost always have it on. There are so many life lessons throughout the show and every time I watch it I learn something new or I catch a reference that I never understood before. Love it when that happens!

The revival came out in 2016 and is 4 episodes long (basically mini-movies). But from watching all the "GG" episodes over and over again, I still have so many unanswered questions. (Most of my questions are related to AYITL but some are "GG" overall). And perhaps, in the future, if there's ever any more episodes released, maybe some of these questions will be answered at last.

1. Does Rory actually break up with Paul?

2. Did Luke ever expand his diner?

3. Does Logan actually marry Odette?

4. Why did Sandy Says want Rory so bad just for her to turn Rory down?

5. Did Kirk and Lulu ever had a kid after Petals?

6. Will Rory's book ever come between her and Lorelai?

7. Who is the father of Rory's baby? (We're all dying to know the answer to this one!)

8. Will Paris remarry?

9. Will Rory ever get married?

10. What career is Lane involved in or is she a stay at home mom for her twin boys?

11. Did Hep Alien ever come out with an official CD?

12. Is Rory taking over the Stars Hollow Gazette permanently?

13. (Assumed with the above question) Is Rory going to live in Stars Hollow forever?

14. Will the Dragonfly Inn ever expand to get more rooms and a spa?

15. Did the Dragonfly Inn ever have any A+ actors/actresses stay at the inn?

16. If Sookie is away studying how vegetables grow and creating new recipes and Jackson is still in Stars Hollow- are their kids with Jackson?

17. Why was half of the Summer episode in the revival a musical?

18. What is April studying at MIT?

19. Where is April's mom, Anna?

20. Did Taylor ever get a happy ever after?

21. How long was Lorelai exactly doing the whole wild thing?

22. Did Emily ever date Jack?

23. Why did Lorelai and Rory both don't know who they are or where they are going?

24. The life and death brigade scene was the coolest scene ever in the revival, who's idea was that?

25. Why couldn't the GG fans have the full Luke and Lorelai wedding experience?

26. Where's Max Medina?

27. What has jess been up to since the last time we saw him? We know he wrote a book but what else?

28. Did Dean ever go back to college and finish a degree?

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