27 Pieces Of Advice For Each And Every Christian
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27 Pieces Of Advice For Each And Every Christian

Maybe your identity comes from whose you are, and not who you are.

27 Pieces Of Advice For Each And Every Christian
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1. God doesn't ask you how cool or hipster your Instagram feed was before entering the gates.

He doesn't care how many likes you got on the picture of just your friend without you in it, or how pretty and clean your calligraphy was when you wrote your favorite bible verse.

2. Stop complaining about how bad the people you date are, when you keep dating people you know are bad.

If you are anything like me, you say “WHY ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX ___" when in reality, not all members of the opposite sex stink, just the ones I am choosing to date are. Chase after those who love Jesus, and stop focusing fully on physical attraction. Stop expecting dating to work out with nonbelievers or those who are not fully invested in their faith at this moment. You can't expect someone who doesn't do life with the author of love, to properly love you.

3. It is OK to hang out with someone who sins differently than you.

Sin is not contagious. Jesus ate dinner with sinners. And Jesus still hangouts with you… also a sinner.

4. However, you need to have friends you can be vulnerable with.

Friends who always strive to point you back to Jesus. And friends who you can do the same for, without fear of what they may say or think.

5. Stop pretending to be someone you are not.

Stop focusing on the person next to you in the gym. Stop comparing yourself to the person you stalk via Instagram. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on running towards the prize of Christ Jesus, and not racing with your “teammates." You want them to do well too.

6. If you can't feel God at this moment, try a different love language.

If you normally sing to feel Him and for some reason aren't feeling Him that way, try sitting still and praying. Try serving a local homeless shelter. Try talking to a stranger. Try hugging someone who looks like they could use some love. God has more than one language. He may be using this “silence" to teach you to search for Him in other ways.

7. Christian lifestyle books are great.

They are awesome tools, but never forget the bible is the best book of all time.

8. Also, God is your first love.

Yes, maybe you will find an awesome Christian spouse and that is GREAT, however never idolize another man or woman. Strive to love him or her like Christ loves him or her, but love Christ more.

9. Be bold.

Do more than just wear your cross necklace.

10. It is easier to see sin in others than yourself.

11. The enemy is the enemy for a reason.

Don't listen to him when he tries to ruin your day with bad thoughts or insecurity. Fight him. Fight him with the armor of God.

12. Life sometimes stinks.

But God doesn't. Stop blaming Him and start going towards Him.

13. Stop expecting God to speak with you only through words.

Isn't our Creator far more powerful than mere words and a simple language? He can move the mountains. He can talk to you in other ways than words. Are you listening?

14. Purity is so much more than waiting to have sex.

Purity is about the heart. Purity is about your thoughts. Purity is about striving to wake up each morning and be different from the world.

15. Yes, sex is included though.

You should strive to have pure relationships. Stop creating loopholes in the gospel. I get it, it is hard, especially when every movie and TV show involves sex before marriage… but when did God say “Hey ya imma call you to an easy life…no worries fam."

16. Worship is more than a song.

Worship is more than singing with your hands up. Worship is a way of life.

17. Your sins are never too dirty for Christ.

He always forgives and extends grace. Never forget that not only for yourself, but also so you can extend this same amazing grace to others.

18. Stop judging girls who have babies out of wedlock.

Yes, they sinned, but you are only judgmental because theirs is more visible than yours. Instead, praise God for her not having an abortion and help her.

19. Pray.

Take time right now to just say "thank, God." Stop reading this for 10 seconds and just give thanks right now. After you are done, do it one more time. After that, write a note near you to remind yourself to do it again tomorrow.

20. Stop trying so hard to change who you are and focus on changing the world.

21. Never forget that your Creator sent His Son to this world as a humble servant, who although blameless took on the weight of our sin in order for us to be forgiven.

He had his wrists nailed to a tree, hung, humiliated in front of his friends and his own mother, all for you to be forgiven. Never stop appreciating that. Never let that story become numb because you heard it 400 times.

22. Pray for those being murdered for their beliefs all over the world.

Christianity isn't that easy in other places. And always believe in the power of prayer.

23. Look at your hands. Pray for God to use them to build His Kingdom.

Look at your feet, pray for God to send them wherever He calls you to go. Look at your mouth, pray for God to let your tongue speak words of love.

24. The One who hung the stars and painted the sea wants to be your best friend.

25. Having a best friend requires communication daily.

It requires vulnerable conversations. It requires effort. Never forget that. That includes your relationship with God.

26. Always believe God can use a messed up sinner like you to change the world.

27. Love others.

It is what matters the most. Life is hard.

Sometimes you get sacked down and other times you score a touchdown. Never forget to praise God during the storm and during the harvest. He is good and He is consistent. The same creator of chocolate, mountains, and sunflowers created you and me — and for that we celebrate.

Image Credit: @jacobalves on Instagram

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