26 Tips For Visiting New York City
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26 Tips For Visiting New York City

Taking on the Big Apple, one bite at a time.

26 Tips For Visiting New York City

Before You Leave

1. Transfer all the pictures on your phone onto your computer.
This way, you'll have plenty of storage for the hundreds of pictures you'll take while sightseeing, seeing weird things on the street (which there will be plenty of), and exploring the beautiful city.

2. Use bargain hotel websites
such as Hotwire, Priceline, Expedia, or Travelocity. Be sure to know that most rates displayed on these websites are for only two people, so you need to call the 800 number to see what is available for your bigger party for the same deal. If using Priceline, be sure to check out the Express Deals to find those bargains, and if you're using Expedia or Travelocity, look at the Secret Deals.

3. Fit everything into your suitcase by bringingtravel sizes of all the products you can
and forget the struggle of packing. If they're not available for purchase in that size, you can buy empty travel size containers and make your own! Here you can buy a 4-piece set of different containers complete with a quart-sized bag—all airport security safe!

4.Pack plenty of nonperishable snacks
in your luggage if you can. Food is expensive in New York City; you don't want to be spending $8 on a box of Cheez-its, and you'll build quite an appetite walking around.

5.Pack a power strip.
A lot of the hotels in NYC are old and were built before we had phones, laptops, and iPads that need to charge, so they don't offer many outlets. This is especially important if you have more than two people sharing a room.

6. Pack a big tote
Stick it in your suitcase so you can use it to comfortably carry all your necessary items in one place as you enjoy the city. This way, you won't have to fumble with a zillion things in your hands as you navigate the crowds.

7. Leave room in your suitcase for a few souvenirs.
I know I've been telling you to pack extra things, but also remember, you'll most likely be coming back home with a few more items than when you arrived. If you pack too much in your suitcase to begin with, you may have the problem of not having any more room for your souvenirs. You also might run into the issue of overweight luggage on your return trip home, which will require you to pay an extra fee to the airline.

8. Make a list and check it twice.
Santa had the right idea here. It isn't much fun when you realize you've forgotten your toothbrush the night you get into the city already dressed in your pajamas.

9. Carry a light jacket while traveling.
Folks, most of the time, airports are just really freaking cold. I hardly ever feel cold in a room, but I find myself freezing sitting at the gate. Airplanes can be pretty chilly, too! Trust me, it's totally worth the extra carry item.

Once You're There

10. Don't breathe in as you pass trash on the street.
I love New York City with all my heart…except for the trash. It just reeks.

11. Always, always, always carry cash with you.
But be safe about it. Don't flash it in front of people, and never take all of your cash with you on an outing. If totally necessary, there are ATM's scattered all over the place. Many street vendors are not equipped with card machines, and you'll regret not carrying any cash when you can't buy that authentic NYC pretzel.

12. Before you leave your hotel, make sure that your phone (and camera, if applicable) is charged at 100%.
If you get separated from your group or you stumble upon a really cool place (which happens super often in the city), it'll really suck if your phone is dead.

13. Pee before you leave your hotel.
It's really hard to find a bathroom in the city, and, sometimes, even when you do find one, it isn't open to the public.

14. Stay hydrated throughout the day.
This may mean a couple of exorbitantly-priced water bottles, but it'll be worth not walking around with a headache all day.

15. Don't forget your sunglasses!
The sun loves to peak out from behind all the super tall buildings, so your sunnies will come in handy as you traverse through the crowds.

16. Use BroadwayBox for cheap Broadway tickets.
Broadway is something everyone should get to experience, but sometimes the ticket prices are out of this world! With these incredible discounts, you may even be able to squeeze in two shows!

17. Carry deodorant in your bag.
No one likes to smell bad, especially when you're surrounded by people for the majority of the day. You'll thank me later.

18. Comfortable shoes are a must for NYC.
Your feet are your mode of transportation for probably 95% of your trip. It's no small feat for them, so take care of them and give them lots of cushion. BONUS TIP: For those days when your shoes just don't fit exactly right, be sure to pack Band-Aids to help keep blisters at bay.

19. Dress appropriately for the theater.
It's okay to be comfortable, but don't enter wearing tanks, short shorts, or flip flops. A blouse always works with some nice pants; a summer dress is also an option (that I usually go for). Guys, a nice shirt with some khaki shorts or pants will work as well.

20. Don’t get in anyone's way.
More often than not, they won't be very nice about it. Be observant of where you're walking, and always keep an eye on the stoplights and crosswalk signs.

21. Try new things!
NYC has so much to offer that you won't be able to find anywhere else. On just one block you can find restaurants specializing in Thai, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, and Mexican food. Keep an open mind, and get something you wouldn't usually.

22. Don’t be afraid to bargain.
Most street vendors start item prices very high just so they can bargain with you. Go for it, and make sure you fight for a fair price. There's no reason to pay $70 for a knockoff Michael Kors purse.

23. If you're going to watch the show on the side of street, donate. Don't be a butthead. Parting with one dollar won't kill you.

24. Go to Central Park. It's gorgeous. That's all.

25. Be prepared for the crowds of Times Square
t is probably the most crowded place you will ever go in your entire life. You don't know the definition of the word "crowd" until you've gone here. Don't get me wrong, it' a place you should definitely see once in your life, but you might just have your fill after you do.

26. Enjoy your time in New York City!
It's a magical place, and there's nowhere quite like it!

"I wanna be a part of it! New York, New York!"

-Frank Sinatra

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