26 Thoughts We All Had While Watching 'Lemonade'
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26 Thoughts We All Had While Watching 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé's newest visual album is absolutely killing it.

26 Thoughts We All Had While Watching 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé's "Lemonade" visual album dropped this weekend, and I've already watched it multiple times. This album tells an important story and is filled with some of the most amazing cinematography in the world. It's beautifully written and beautifully put together, and it literally made my friend and I cry the first time we watched it. Here's 26 thoughts we all had while watching "Lemonade" for the first time.

1. Oh my God, new Beyoncé.

First and foremost, the fact that we're getting all this new Beyoncé is just beyond exciting. The fact that it's an hour-long video album? Even better.

2. This is so personal and real and I just can't handle it.

Right off the bat, Bey makes it clear we're dealing with some personal, serious subjects. The realness of it all is what makes Lemonade what it is.

3. Did she just jump off a building?

I think this is when we all knew shit was gonna get serious.

4. If even Queen Bey can go through these things, none of us are safe.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that even Beyoncé is human and goes through negative things like the rest of us. So when we see the goddess Queen Bey in trouble, it's hard to feel like we, the unimportant common people, have any security whatsoever.

5. Holy shit, your outfit slays.

Beyoncé literally always looks good, it isn't fair. But the costuming in "Lemonade" specifically is amazing. Not only does Bey look great literally all the time, but so does everyone throughout the entire album, and the costumes really fit in with what is happening throughout the whole experience.

6. Wait, that baseball bat definitely says "hot sauce"...

You know in "Formation" when she says "I got hot sauce in my bag, swag?" Seems like she might not have been talking about the condiment...

7. Speaking of which, when is Formation gonna come on?

All throughout our time watching it, my friend and I couldn't wait to watch "Formation" because, of course, we love that song more than anything in the whole world. Our entire first time through Lemonade was based off of anticipation for "Formation" - and, of course, appreciation for the literally flawless album.

8. How much do you think it cost to smash all of those cars?

Seriously Bey, I'm inspired by this beautiful reckless crazy, but that must have cost a lot to produce.

9. Each song has had such a unique sound yet they're all perfect.

The tone, sound, or attitude of each song fits in perfectly with the emotional stage Beyoncé is at at that point in "Lemonade", especially in the beginning with such rapidly changing emotions. This has a profound effect and is one of the reasons "Lemonade" is so amazing.

10. Bey is so unapologetic and it's actually #goals.

Her confidence throughout this entire album is actually inspiring, but not at all surprising, considering she is Beyoncé, after all.

11. Who is this Becky? I actually hate her.

Pretty sure everyone in the world is united against "Becky with the good hair," whoever she really is. Don't fuck with Beyoncé.

12. How does Beyoncé dance 1,000 times better than literally anyone else on Earth?

Once again, Beyoncé manages to be #goals. Of course, her supernatural dancing skills are no secret and nothing new, but they never fail to amaze me. Also, the choreography throughout all of "Lemonade" was on point, whether it was Bey dancing or backup dancers.

13. This album is so empowering for black women and I am 100 percent here for it.

All throughout "Lemonade," Beyoncé made shout-outs to black women and featured them constantly. She also supported women as a whole throughout the video, and did a ton to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement as well. Overall "Lemonade" is extremely empowering, especially for black women, and it's amazing.

14. I can't believe Beyoncé is actually my favorite country artist.

But more than that, I can't believe I can't say I don't like country anymore, because here's Beyoncé, slaying with a country song that's better than anything I've ever heard.

15. Is it "Formation" yet?

I was just really excited for "Formation," OK?

16. Oh God, Jay-Z is actually in this video.

Did any of us see that coming? I was not prepared.

17. I'm definitely not crying right now...

Like I said, both my best friend and I ended up crying at some point during our Lemonade experience. I happened to tear up during "Sandcastles", because lets face it, that song was too real and too emotional and far too much for me to handle.

18. OMG, I know who that is!

This happened maybe 100 times throughout the hour-long video album, honestly, but I got super excited whenever I saw anyone I recognized. From Zendaya to Annie's Quvenzhané Wallis to Amandla Stenburg to "ANTM's" Chantelle Brown, there were tons of amazing people who I recognized from outside of the album, and I maybe fangirled a bit too much about every single one of them.

19. Mike. Brown.

At this point, both my friend and I were crying. The tribute to him wasn't something either of us saw coming and was very touching. RIP, Mike Brown.

20. That ballet dancer is absolutely amazing.

All the dancing in "Lemonade," as I've said, is amazing, with flawless choreography and flawless execution. But the ballet dancer was the highlight of it all. Not only was it just beautiful ballet regardless, but since ballet traditionally excludes black girls, it's great to see more and more black girls rejecting the stereotype that they can't be ballerinas and succeeding in an industry that is working against them.

21. How is this STILL getting better?

Each time a song comes on, I think, "This is the best song on the album!" Then the next song comes on, and I think it again. And again, and again, and again. OK Beyoncé, it's not fair, your album is literally too perfect and each song is better than the last.

22. So that's how the title ties in...

Watching "Lemonade," I had been very confused how the title related to the storyline of the album, but it all made sense when she referenced life giving her lemons and her making lemonade. In retrospect, I probably should've seen that coming.

23. "All Night" love

When this song came on, once again I was in tears. I'm a nostalgic type, so having the final song of "Lemonade" tie back into "Drunk in Love" from Beyoncé was too perfect. It was a beautiful touch and the perfect way to finish off the album.

24. Wait... where was "Formation"?

The credits are rolling, and we still haven't seen "Formation"... By this point, even though I'd been waiting for it since the start, I've kind of forgotten about "Formation" since the rest of "Lemonade" was just that perfect.

25. Here it is.

Having "Formation" as a post-credits scene was a great touch, since, although it does tie in, it isn't part of the "Lemonade" storyline. Also, after an hour of an emotional, up-and-down storyline, it was great to wrap off with a fun song we all already knew.

26. That was a religious experience.

Thank you so much, Beyoncé, and everyone involved in the creation of "Lemonade" for putting together such a beautiful album. The music, lyrics, cinematography, costuming, and choreography all come together to make "Lemonade" an amazing experience and possibly the best thing I've ever watched.

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