When it comes to that fabulous time of the year we like to call recruitment, sororities nationwide begin to prepare for their wonderful week of rush. Regardless of the size of the university, all sororities are putting their creative minds and crafting skills to work. They need to have the best recruitment possible, and ultimately get the best girls into their chapters. While on the other side, the new recruits, or as we like to call them "PNM’s," are trying to prepare themselves to make their best impressions.

Throughout the recruitment process there are many ups and downs. There are times of confusion, laughter, and tears. Even though the university/recruitment may be smaller than most, it doesn’t mean the process of recruitment gets any easier or any less exciting. Here are 25 thoughts girls have when going through recruitment at a small school:

1. AHHHH It’s finally here!!!!! I can’t wait to be in a sorority!!

2. Wait..there are only four chapters?

3. What am I going to do if I don’t get a bid?

4. My Rho Chi said to just stay confident; BE YOURSELF!

5. What does PNM mean and why do they keep calling me that?

6. Why are they singing to me?

7. Why is everyone in this chapter so gorgeous?

8. I think I might have experienced a slight heart attack.

9. SO. MUCH. SINGING. I feel like I’m in a Greek-themed Disney movie.

10. This feels like a round of speed dating, but with a group of girls that are much prettier than me.

11. When is this round going to be over..I’m starving.

12. My face is literally in pain from smiling so much.

13. Why do they keep calling these things parties? There’s no partying going on in here.

14. If I get asked that question one more time, I’m going to lose it.

15. I think that might have been the worst conversation of my life..

16. I can’t wait till this week is over so I can go back to wearing my baggy t-shirts and shorts.

17. This suite is so cute..I think I could love it here!

18. I wonder how many times they had to practice that song...

19. That song is kind of catchy though. “Ba doom ba doom…”

20. Wow, this just got deep.

21. Literally I want these girls to be my sisters so bad..what if they don't want me? What am I going to do? I'm so stressed!

22. This is the longest five hours of my life!

23. What if I don’t get my first choice? ::starts to cry::

24. I hope they want me as much as I want them!

25. Yes! I found my home!