25 Things You Know To Be True If You're From Columbus, Indiana

25 Things You Know To Be True If You're From Columbus, Indiana

Columbus is really a special little place.

Harmon Steel

Every town has its own little quirks. While we have a few local restaurants (ZwanzigZ, Zaharakos, Joe Willy's, etc.), our little town is known among the locals for other (mostly infamous) reasons. If you're a Columbus native or have lived there for a significant number of years, you'll probably relate to, at the very least, a few of these.

1) The old Commons Mall was better

R.I.P. playground.

2) You don’t think the architecture is as impressive as outsiders do

“What are these statues even supposed to be?”

3) You’re either pro-North or pro-East.

The rivalry is so intense. (Go Olympians.)

4) You’ve seen Tony Stewart around town at least once

But you know not to bother him (and you know exactly where this mural is).

5) You like to mention our celebrities

Tony Stewart, Chuck Taylor, Mike Pence, the dude from Mythbusters…

6) Going to the mall is an all-day excursion

You can go to Edinburgh, which is fine, or drive the 45 minutes to Greenwood. Your choice.

7) You’ve been to Ceraland at least five times in your life

Putt putt? Swimming? You know where it is.

8) If you don’t play putt putt at Ceraland, you play at the place with the animals

But you probably don’t actually know what it’s called.

9) Q-Mix Fireworks

It feels like nearly everyone in town goes to this Fourth of July event.

10) You’re not entirely sure why we have an airport

Cummins and Atterbury use it. Does anyone else?

11) The day Musillami’s opens is the best day of your life

Allow me to gorge myself.

12 ) If someone moves to Columbus, it’s probably because of Cummins

Why else would you move here?

13) “I’m from Columbus.” “Oh, Ohio?”


14) Skateland

It was THE place in middle school.

15) The best photoshoot places are Mill Race and downtown, mostly at the Cummin’s building by the fountain

The ivy just looks really nice, okay?

16) Your go-to for Mexican food is either Rivera Maya or (more recently) Camila’s

17) You’re not even worried when the tornado sirens go off anymore

Ninety-nine times out of 100, they won’t hit us.

18) You call it C-bus

Or is that just us college kids?

19) Homecoming isn’t a big deal, since we don’t even have a formal dance for it

And you were surprised to find it was a big deal in other places

20) The prom walk-in is a major event every year

Did y'all know this is just a Columbus thing? My roommate just informed me as I wrote this that other places don’t do this.

21) The county fair is a big deal, y’all

22) You always feel like there’s not really anything to do

Your idea of an adventure consists of going to McDonald’s for fries and then walking around Target.

23) The Columbus Marathon is only a few years old, but it manages to inconvenience you every single time

24) The Fair Oaks Mall is probably cursed

Stores go in, but nothing survives. Except the mall-walkers.

25) You can't wait to leave, but it's also home

It's a weird feeling.

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