25 Things To Accomplish This Summer
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25 Things To Accomplish This Summer

The grind doesn't stop.

25 Things To Accomplish This Summer
Danielle Dirksen

With the school year finally over or coming to a close for most of us, summer is here and it's time to make the most of it! I say each year that I'm going to do this, this, and that but nothing ever gets done. Well, I may not make waves, but I'm going to try very hard to make sure that I do cross some things off of my list this summer. Watch me!

Here are some suggestions for you based on my list:

1. Finish a project you’ve been putting off

2. Apply for scholarships

3. Read a book

4. Go swimming (and tan in the process)

5. Go on a solo trip to the library or the beach or even another state

6. Find a job for extra or necessary cash

7. Take up a new skill, such as photography

8. Volunteer for something you’re passionate about

9. Get on a sleep schedule, or at least something that kind of resembles one

10. Explore your city/town with friends

11. Clean your room

12. Reconnect with old friends

13. Set up an exercise regimen

14. Plan for the future, whether this means setting up next year’s schedule or looking at post-college plans

15. Look into internship opportunities for the upcoming semesters

16. Catch up on your favorite Netflix show

17. Learn how to cook something new

18. Make a DIY face mask or soap

19. Spend quality time with friends and family

20. Hike a local trail you’ve never been on before

21. Find a new spot to watch the sunset or the stars

22. Eat lunch at a “foodie” place

23. Indulge in several lazy days (but not too many)

24. Practice random acts of kindness

25. Work hard on becoming the person you want to be, and balance this out by playing just as hard

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