25 Signs You Went To Hopkins High School
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25 Signs You Went To Hopkins High School

Stay classy, Hopkins!

25 Signs You Went To Hopkins High School
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Ahhh, good ol' H-Town. Gone are the good ol' days of pointless study halls and dodging hall monitors. Thousands of students cycle through the public school system every year in Minnesota, but no other public school comes close to being as multifaceted, as awkwardly segregated between AP and non-AP, as oddly choir-focused, and as ballin' as Hopkins.

Still not sure if H-Town was your home? Here are 25 signs that you're a true Royal at heart.

1. You knew it was true love if Geoff sang your Heart-O-Gram.

Nothing like professing your love by making a small male a capella group sing to your lady.

2. You had no clue what the principal's name was.

It seems like there was a different voice on the intercom every single day.

3. The rush to the cafeteria on omelette day was unreal.

When something's edible, kids will actually eat it.

4. There was a rumor that your school was actually designed to be a mall based on its odd construction. Or a jail.

And you could totally see why people thought that, but it was too ugly to be a mall and had too many windows to be a jail.

5. So 'hanging out at the mall' had a totally different meaning to you than most teenagers.

God forbid you walk into another social circle's "mall bubble" and mess up the entire status quo.

6. There were the good bathrooms and then there were the sketchy bathrooms.

In one, you used the restroom. In the other, you tried not to get arrested.

7. But your FAVORITE bathroom had 'Avocado' carved into the door.

Nothing like rolling past the Old Gym and seeing some thoughtful graffiti.

8. You tried to sneak your froyo cone past the hall monitors on the daily.

Resistance was futile. 90 percent of the time, the cone ended up in the conveniently placed trash cans.

9. Your well-loved choir teacher had several legendary nicknames.

It's not his fault that his first name was both a hurricane name and meant "lover of horses."

10. "Closed Campus" wasn't actually a thing.

Sneaking off school grounds for some contraband Noodles & Company wasn't actually going to get you in trouble.

11. People still congratulate you on the school's basketball team.

"Thanks, ma'am, but I, personally, am a disgrace to the name of the game."

12. Your school was famous for a few days because a graduate married Kim Kardashian.

Sorry about your divorce, Mr. Humphries.

13. People actually wore letter jackets for lettering in academics, bowling, and theater.

There's nothing wrong with school spirit, right?

14. Your science teacher made you keep all your own trash in a bag for a week.

But you still failed the assignment because you couldn't bother to pick all the trash up from the floor of your car and bring it in for a grade.

15. You almost died because people liked to spin their cars in donuts in the parking lot.

"My mom pays for this car!"

16. Your dance team was the highlight of the pep rallies.

Never did I feel more spirited.

17. Your step team was the other highlight of the pep rallies.

Why haven't the two dance teams collaborated yet?

18. You weren't sure if your school actually had a real cheerleading team.

Until one of the cheerleaders showed up in the news in an unfortunate prostitution scandal.

19. The cool kids only ate bagels for lunch. And they dipped them in nacho cheese.

It seemed completely reasonable at the time.

20. There was a cage around the front entrance of the school. And you had to face the wrath of the front gate lady if you came to school late.

You were a real winner if she knew your name!

21. K-Mart filmed a commercial in your hallways and everyone cringed.

There's proof.

22. The secret exit out of the parking lot was driving over the junior high's sidewalks.

Not that you ever did that.

23. "Glee" was wrong. If you wanted to be popular, you had to do sports and sing in the choir.

Triple Threat: Singing, dancing, balling.

24. Choir was actually kind of a big deal?

Shout out to Hurricane Phillip.

25. After graduation, you were never really sure if you came out completely scarred or enriched from the whole experience.

Stay classy, Hopkins.

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