25 Random Acts Of Kindness To Make Habit

For the past three years, during the month of December, I initiated my own project, which was appropriately hashtagged #25randomactsofkindness. What it entailed of was; from December 1st to December 25th, in anticipation of Christmas, I would go on a texting spree and blow up my friends’ phones with messages or pictures just to brighten up their day. It didn’t matter which holiday they celebrated. Even with some scattered days from time to time, and even if they didn’t respond back on that day, I could still feel that the task was succeeded and everyone was appreciative of the efforts.

This year I took a leave from that project. Mostly because after all this time, I ran out of new ideas and I didn’t want to keep reusing old ones. Plus, there’s only so much you can bring when you’re texting. So, instead, I complied a list of 25 random acts of kindness that can be done through texting as well as out in the real world. They are not limited to just the holiday season, there’s so much time in the year to do these anytime.

1. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.

2. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.

3. Send a good morning text to your friends, family and/or significant other.

4. Send a goodnight text.

5. Just send a surprise text and let them know you’re thinking of them.

6. Visit a nursing home or children’s hospital (if you really want to, and if the staff permits you, you can even sing a little carol for them during the holiday season).

7. Make cards for...anyone, really.

8. Donate to a charity.

9. Tell your friends and family you love them.

10. Pay for the person behind you in the check-out.

11. Respect your servers.

12. Hold the door open for someone.

13. Share compliments.

14. If the person behind you at the check-out has less than you do, let them go in front of you.

15. Leave kind tips for your delivery person.

16. Offer to cook dinner for your parents after a long day of work.

17. Learn the names of the cashier at your campus or local fast food place (especially if you go there very frequently and they start to remember your regular order).

18. Bring flowers to your boss and/or co-workers.

19. Give someone a hug if they need it.

20. If they decline and insist everything’s fine, offer them personal space and do a different act of kindness for them instead.

21. Pick a random person on your Facebook friends list or Twitter followers and make a status, shouting them out.

22. Walk a neighbor’s dog for free.

23. Donate to someone’s GoFundMe.

24. Thank your teachers/professors.

25. Leave a nice note for someone.

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