Life can throw curve balls and unwanted, unexpected surprises at you. If you feel like you're losing ground, make a list of the small things the instantly brighten your day and make you smile.

1. The smell of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is one of the first signs of spring and it's like natures own air freshener.

2. Breakfast dates with my parents

It's either my love of breakfast food or my dad trying to read the menu without his glasses but regardless, it brightens my day.

3. Driving to St. Louis

The whole way up is a jam sesh and I'm that much closer to seeing my sweetie.

4. Friday night lights

Either cheering on my brother or binge watching FNL on Netflix. It just depends on which time of the year it is and I'll be happy with either one.

5. Clean linen scented candles

It's the most effortless way to make your house/apartment smell clean.

6. Being a dog mom

Seeing someone smile just because you visited them is the most rewarding, effortless time you can take out of your day.

7. Kick-back game nights with friends

The most passive-aggressive event I know. (Sometimes it's more aggressive than passive..hehe)

8. Chinese takeout date nights

Those date nights that you wear sweatpants and order take-out. It's like saying, "hey, I like you enough to spend my free, lazy downtime with you."

9. Clean sheets

Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up in bed asap.

10. That feeling of walking out of my last final

Is there any more blissful feeling in the world?

11. Strawberries

I could eat the whole container in one sitting...

12. Reading nutrition articles

Reading how diet or daily habits effect our focus, digestion, or energy levels is the bee's knees.

13. Facetiming those close to my heart

Seeing long distant loved ones and friends, even in digital form, brightens my day.

14. Feeling motivated to do my homework

Because we all know this rare feeling.

15. Honey

I use honey on the daily and probably too much. Tea, oatmeal, yogurt, chicken strips, you name it.

16. The feeling of accomplishing my entire agenda for the day

On these days, it feels like the weight of the world is off my shoulders.

17. Giving and receiving surprises

thank you

Surprises just scream selflessness and thinking of others, and I love that.

18. Trying new restaurants

I love new environments, and if you include food it's a bonus.

19. Gummy Vitamins


I can't be the only one who overdoses on their multivitamin because they taste like fruit snacks

20. Hearing my dad laugh

Sorry, I don't have a picture of him laughing :(

Let me clarify, it's not that he doesn't laugh often. He just has a contagious laugh that is so joyous to hear.

21. Visiting my mom at work

The most joyful time I can take out of my day is seeing my mom at her work. Especially after seeing her face when she's excited and surprised to see me.

22. Float trips on the river

Redneck relaxation. Pure bliss.

23. Green smoothies

If you make them with enough yogurt and honey, it tastes like a milkshake. Good tasting green stuff is such a turn on.

24. Tennis

I'm really not that good but tennis is fun and gives me a reason to wear an athletic skirt.

25. Beautiful handwriting

Ugh, something I wish I had but I'll settle for pretty pictures on Pinterest.

There's no doubt that this list would do more good on a notebook for myself and not the public eye. But, my main goal for making it public, is that you feel inspired to write down of your few favorite things and find happiness and wholesomeness in the process.