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25 Girl Gang Road Trip Essentials For Spring Break 2019

Taking a road trip with your best friends is surely an experience!

25 Girl Gang Road Trip Essentials For Spring Break 2019

Taking a road trip with your best friends is surely an experience!



Snacks are always needed for a road trip. Everyone is always hungry when you are in the middle of nowhere and there is absolutely no sign of civilization so make sure to pack an array of snacks.



Same concept as snacks. You always need to make sure you stay hydrated during trips.

Cash Money


Between tolls, gas stations stops, drive-thru needs, and just in case of an emergency, having a little bit of cash on hand is a smart idea.

Physical Map


Ever have no idea where you are, what road you are on, and your cell phone service is spotty? This is why it's useful to have an actual paper map of your route.

Phone Chargers


The more the merrier! Everyone's phone seems to die at the exact same time so make sure to throw in a couple portable chargers too.

Pepper Spray


In case you happen to stop at a creepy gas station or have some sort of issue arise, pepper spray will help to keep you safe.



No one ever wants to have bad breath so gum is a must.

Aux Cord


Be careful who gets aux or else you might get to listen to "Who Let the Dogs Out" several times throughout the course of one road trip. I'm not joking... One of my friends played it on repeat our last road trip together!

Hair Ties


Being comfy during a road trip is important, so pack a bunch of hair ties to put your hair in a nice big messy bun.

Downloaded Spotify Playlist


No matter where you drive it always seems like you hit some places that your phone just won't load. So, just make sure to download you road trip tunes before you leave home.

Blankets and Pillows


A road trip won't be a road trip without a million pillows and blankets to get all comfy and cozy with.

Makeup Blotting Sheets


Being stuck in the car for hours tends to not make your skin look it's best, so be sure to throw a pack of blotting sheets into your suitcase.



Between the napping and great music, you always need something to talk about so make sure to have some gossip to discuss with all your BFFs.

14. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are needed not only in case it's a super sunny day, but they also make great accessories to take cool pictures with throughout your trip.

15. Contact Solution


Contact solution is usually needed so pack a bottle before you leave.

16. Emergency Kit


First aid items, jumper cables, tire pressure gauges and other basic emergency things will help if you get into a sticky situation. You'll never regret having them on hand.

17. Polaroid Camera


Taking cute picture during a road trip is part of the fun and having a polaroid camera with you adds to the aesthetic.

18. Feminine Products


You never know when you'll need some feminine products. It's the worst to be caught off guard when you need one so packing a few is smart.

19. Baby Wipes


Baby wipes are useful for everything from spills to DIY makeup wipes.

20. Pocket Knife


Pocket knives are a way to keep you safe in a new place if you happen to get into a bad part of town.

21. Ibuprofen


Between headaches, car sickness, cramps, ibuprofen will be your friend during road trips.

22. Garbage Bags


Just so your car doesn't look like tornado swept through it, grab a couple trash bags for your road trip. With all the drive-thru bags, random snack wrappers, and water bottles a trash bag comes in handy.

23. Chapstick


Especially if you are traveling to a colder place, chapstick is essential. Nothing is worse than having chapped lips and no chapstick.

24. Duct Tape


Duct tape is a surprising solution to so many problems so just bring a roll.

25. Reusable Water Bottle


It's important to stay hydrated, and you'll be happy that you saved some money by bringing a reusable water bottle instead of having to buy water bottles at gas stations or convenient stores.

Hopefully these tips were helpful! Good luck on your girl power patrol! Stay safe and make good choices!

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