25 Self Care Ideas That College Students Should Try
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25 Self Care Ideas That College Students Should Try

Because you deserve it!

25 Self Care Ideas That College Students Should Try
Taylor Steinman

1. Clean your bathroom

As odd as this may sound, you are doing yourself a favor. After a long day or the morning after, you are going to want to step in a clean shower with no hair or stains from your hair dye.

2. Make your bed

Not only are you going to want your bed made when it is time to turn in, just waking up a little earlier, and taking the time to make the bed will make you feel like you have your life together.

3. Go for a joy ride

Or even just take the longer way home. When you’re driving with no place to be, you can take the time to think about other things as you’re floating along the open road.

4. Write in a journal

For one thing, it will certainly help your writing skills. As you’re writing down your story, you may realize things that didn’t occur to you when you play it in your head. You may just solve your own problem.

5. Read your old journal entries (if you have any)

I’ve been writing in a diary since I was very little. Sometimes I like to look back at old entries. My favorite one was when I first held hands with my crush in high school. I wrote down everything that was running through my head, and it feels like I’m reliving that night all over again.

6. Watch an old movie

If you still have a VCR, plug that back in to your TV, and see if you still have some of your tapes from growing up. If you sold all your tapes, but you still have the VCR, don’t fret! Check out your local library, or hop over to Saver’s! Watching them on DVD, Blu-ray, or Netflix just isn’t the same as watching it with the quirks of an old tape.

7. Eat your favorite meal alone

When you’re eating with your friends, family, or co-workers you are more focused on their company instead of the food sitting right in front of you. I eat more at the dining hall with my friends than when I’m alone in my apartment. So cook, or get take out when you’re home alone, and enjoy!

8. Make “Reflection” Cards

This is a fun project to do when you’re bored. I made a list of questions that I could ask myself at any time, and then I write each question on an index card. When you’re on the go, you can flip through the cards. What I like to do when I’m at home is place them on the floor, and make a little path.

9. Take a day trip to any body of water

I lived near a lake growing up, so I loved walking to the little beach down the street. It has always been a hidden gem in Marlborough, MA. It’s one of the best parts about driving home, seeing people enjoy the beach as you drive down Hosmer Street.

10. Go ahead, get that Lush bath bomb

It may sound very basic, but let’s get real. You’ve secretly wanted to try one, and one bath bomb is usually under $8. Go ahead, and pick out a color or scent you like. My favorite one is the Super Dad one! I’m that girl who prefers the men’s fragrances better than women’s. You can’t beat the authentic smell of the ocean and driftwood.

11. Take a long shower

This is why I LOVE showering at night! I have nowhere to be in the next few hours. I can relax as long as I want in the hot water before heading off to bed. Showering in the morning feels more like a chore because I take very short showers, because I’m usually running late to everything.

12. Watch some Vine videos

Because you need to laugh, it is good for you. Vine is definitely my favorite app, and all of my friends know it. The six-second videos that people make from all over usually don’t require any deep thinking. There are a lot of viners I enjoy watching, but my favorite would have to be Brandon Calvillo. Here is one of my favorite vines by him!


13. Make a list of people who have recently helped you

When you’re stressed and anxious, you often become wrapped up in the negatives of the situation, and you forget about the ones who were there for you in the midst of everything. I was a very anxious freshman when I started college. When I was feeling better, I took the time to thank my RA for being there for me after having probably the worst panic attack of my life. Taking the time to say thank you goes a long way.

14. Walk around an old building

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with old buildings. I love going to the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, MA. Although they do not have a lot of good shops, you can tell that the building has not been updated since at least the 90’s, and I think that is super cool. It sort of brings you back in time.

15. Go to a local museum

If you go with a friend, they can take a picture of you looking at a painting, which is absolutely Instagram worthy! But even if you go alone, it is nice to shift your focus on the details of each piece you look at.

16. Visit a green house

A picture with you and plants can go on Instagram too! It also would be a great opportunity to buy some small plants to purify your own space!

17. Walk a Labyrinth

Your college may have one somewhere on campus, but if not there are plenty of public ones you can check out too! It is a great way to rewind, and think of all the events that have happened to you recently, and think deeply about them. Labyrinth walks are not for everyone, so if you are feeling uncomfortable while in thought, you can exit at any time!

18. Make a donation to a cause you’re passionate about

For example, if you like music you could make a donation towards children who can’t afford music. Or you could help out your favorite band. My favorite band has recently lost a member due to cancer, and they are in need of some extra money to cover the funeral and support the family.

19. Watch your favorite music video(s)

This was something I always did as a junior in high school. Back when everyone was first obsessed with One Direction; I loved The Wanted. So when I was stressed out from school, I would binge watch their music videos, and that always somehow did the trick!

20. Take a small detour to your class

I love to roam the halls when I’m killing time before class. I would do it all the time in grade school too back when the elementary and middle school was in one building.

21. Visit your High School

Your favorite teachers are your cheerleaders. I visit my high school probably more often than I should, but hey, it’s my life. I would visit at least once a semester, and I would go when I’m the most stressed. During my very first semester, one of my high school teachers asked me if I was having a great time in college. Obviously, I lied and said yes because I did not want to be a Debbie Downer. But what my teacher said next has stuck with me for the past few years, and that was, “Please, keep doing what you’re doing.”

22. Create a comfortable schedule for yourself

I know not everyone has the luxury of doing this in college, but if there’s one class that is offered in the summer or online, go for it! Your schedule during the school year will be less busy and stressful.

23. Cut or color your hair

When I dye my hair, it feels very liberating to erase my roots, because it also feels like I’m letting go of the past.

24. Distance yourself from people who don’t make you happy

This has always been one of the hardest things for me to do, but trust me, you will feel better when it’s done.

25. Put your headphones on and listen to some of your favorite songs.

I have Spotify Premium, and that is a lot cheaper than iTunes because I always love listening to new songs. I always listen to music before I fall asleep, and when I first wake up. It gets me powered up for the day, and it helps me fall asleep quicker at night.

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