25 Expectations We All Have For Age 25
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25 Expectations Of A Girl On Her 25th Birthday

Hangovers? Worse. People? Better.

25 Expectations Of A Girl On Her 25th Birthday

Hangovers? Worse. People? Better.

1. Marriage 


Every girl has hopes on being married by the age of 25. It's not an unrealistic goal to be honest with you. Our parents were married and starting families either at our age or even younger. I know I was born when my mom was 25 so I feel totally behind in that aspect. It's normal to want the white dress, prince charming, and the killer bachelorette party...sadly for me it's not happening at 25.

2. Being a parent


This one absolutely kills me. I won't lie, I can't wait to have kids of my own but first I need to navigate being a dog and cat mom without getting angry that it's -15 outside and my dog decided to pee in the apartment...ANYWAY. (Can you tell I'm not happy with Charlie at the moment?) *Insert eyeroll emoji* I am so over the moon excited for this phase of my life but being a teacher, I get enough kiddos to last me a while so I will wait on this one.

3. Finding a job


Lord knows I didn't expect to be working THREE JOBS at 25 years old. I just wanted to be a teacher but real life smacked me in the face and I can barely live some months. It's hard, I don't get how my parents did it and honestly I need them more than ever now. I asked for help with bills for my birthday...WHAT. I never thought I'd do that, but I am very very thankful for a family that supports me.

4. I would be the center of a large friend group


We always see girls with a GIANT friend group when they're older, but that isn't always reality. I thought when I turned 25, I'd have a squad of 15 girls to go out with, eat out with, go to the movies with but lets be honest...I have four. Sex in the City was right, it doesn't matter how many girls you have with you, it matters what kind of girls they are.

5. I'd have my dream closet


I am no where near an Instagram influencer or model but boy oh boy, by 25 you think you're going to be. I am still wearing shoes and jeans I had in HIGH SCHOOL. Clothes are SO expensive and lets be honest ladies, we are not the richest age group here. Some of us may be but a good 90% of us still shop at target and are happy to find things for $5 or less.

6. I'd be in a relationship


FOR REAL. I never expected to be single at 25. That is grandma age in the dating world and holy shit does it scare me. I am terrified to date because I don't want to date guys that are in their upper 20's or lower 30's, BUT I'm too old to date the 21-23 range now..What is a girl to do! I always figured I'd be in a relationship and happy by 25 or married or literally anything.

7. I wouldn't be living paycheck to paycheck


This kills me. I can't count the times I have cried over this sad fact of life. It is so hard having 3 jobs and sometimes still barely scraping by month to month. I never dreamt that this would be my life. I LIVE for payday because then I know I can maybe go get groceries and such. I don't spend money on fun like I used to and it makes life kind of hard to do at times.

8. Student loans would be mostly paid off


This was a goal...now it's a dream. BUT I did restart the goal to have all of my loans paid off by the time I am between 30-35! Gotta start somewhere right? I am lucky to not have a lot, but it's enough to make me freak out.

9. I would graduate college in four years


I didn't graduate until I was 23 almost 24 years old and that is okay. I thought I'd graduate in May of 2016 and then I'd be 22 and happy along the way teaching but plans changes, majors were added and life happened. I got my degree done and eventually walked across the stage 5.5 years later. I didn't think about it when it was all happening, but there is a reason it took me so long, I needed to figure out who I was and where I wanted to be.

10. I'd own a house


LETS GET REAL. We all want the white picket fence with two dogs, a husband and 2.5 kids. Did I think I'd have it all by now, 100%, do I? NOPE. I'm happy I don't own a home at 25, I am happy I just rent a tiny apartment for me and my animals. I love where I live, but I also can't wait to have this chapter and share it with someone.

11. Maybe even a newer car


I got my jeep as a high school graduation gift from my parents. I have NEVER had to make a car payment on it, it was a BRAND NEW 2012 Jeep Patriot that was all mine. WHOA. I will forever be lucky to have parents that made having a reliable car so much easier for me through my learning years. I want a new car, but my wallet says differently.



Still single. It's fine..I'll just be here trying to figure out what I am doing so wrong.

13. I'd be saving more money for my future


Guys...I don't even have a savings account. WHO AM I. I don't make enough to have the luxury of creating that for myself. But look at how sad that last sentence was...why is it a luxury to have a saving account, why is minimum wage not high enough that people can have ONE JOB. Why don't we make enough to feel secure enough to put money away. WHY AMERICA.

14. My life wouldn't be such a mess


Lord help me. My life is a literal tornado. On one hand, I am very thankful I don't have anyone to share this mess with; on the other hand...I NEED SOMEONE TO SHARE IN THIS MESS. It's so much to deal with that sometimes, I just don't know what to do!

15. I thought I would be in better shape


I am a work in progress. I thought I'd be in the best shape of my life...am I? Closer but not exactly where I want to be.

16 I'd like to think that if I had played my cards right..I'd be famous


Yeah...This is a joke....I'm famous in Kim Kardashian Hollywood and that is good enough for me.

17. I'd only have ONE job


We can all dream right? I am perfectly okay being busy all the time. I pay my bills, I sleep, I eat.

18. I figured I'd be done bartending by now


LOLOLOLOL. I actually love this job...but I mean I need to get real here. I want to be done so I an go to bed at 9pm on a Saturday.

19. But actually...it's been too long without me going out


Like I said...I really just want to be in bed by 9 every night.

20. My alcohol tolerance would be better


It's not. I don't drink except for MAYBE once every 3 months and my tolerance is just sad.

21. The hangovers would've gotten better


LOL. They are worse the older you get...trust me.

22. I'd move closer to my parents


I hope to make this happen someday. I have lived 6 states away for almost SEVEN years now and I think I'm ready to be closer to them.

23. I'd be Miss North Dakota by now

Happy Beauty Queen GIF by Miss America - Find & Share on GIPHYGiphy

THIS YEAR IS MY YEAR. This year is my last year to compete for my dream job, maybe I needed to let god do his thing with time. Maybe I had to do some growing first, but whatever it is. THIS IS MY TIME.

24. And again...I wouldn't be alone and single



25. And yet, I didn't think...


I'd have so many people around me that make me so happy. I really am blessed with so many amazing people in my life. I have finally let go of the negative energy that people bring with them and I am very happy with life.

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