As this December comes around once again, I hit my 24th year of life, along the way I've picked up a few life lessons that have truly shaped me into the woman I am today.

1.You change.

You are an ever changing force, every year brings a new you. So rock the new you because you are amazing.

2. People change.


Just like you change, other people change too. Understand that no one will ever be the same person and that you should encourage their evolution!

3. Life is messy.

Nothing in life goes exactly the way you want them to. Learn to ride with the crazy bumps in the road and take every moment as a learning opportunity.

4. Dogs really are your best friends.


Dogs. Are. Life.

5. Age doesn’t equal maturity.

Experience in life measures your maturity. You could be 40 and have never experienced a hardship in your life, or you could be 12 and have experienced life altering tragedy.

6. Love is the greatest force on earth.


As cheesy as it may seem, love really does make the world go round. Having love and compassion for those around you seriously make a difference in not only your life, but in the lives of others.

7.Traveling makes you wiser.

When you travel, you see things outside of your little bubble. I’ve moved over 35 times in my life and I can 100% say that it has shown me so much of the world.

8. Be true to yourself.


Never be ashamed of who you are. Never feel like you have to hide a piece of yourself because those around you can’t handle it. Be you boo boo.

9. Family is not unconditional.

Just because you are blood doesn’t mean you are forever.

10. Learn to love your friends.


Family can come in the form of friends, embrace those around you that only have your best interests at heart.

11. Let go of negativity.

In the words of Elsa “Let it GOOOOOO” LET IT GOOOOOOOO. Seriously, be it negative people, thoughts, situations. Let that all go out of your life and live as positive as possible.

12. Burst out in song... a lot.


Belt out every song you love when they come on. It’s free therapy.

13. Always be honest about your feelings.

Not saying how you feel only leaves you feeling worse at the end of the day. Not saying you have to scream to the world how you are feeling but at least be honest with yourself about what’s really going on.

14. Pizza is the only food group that matters.


Also, putting pineapple on your pizza makes you a heathen.

15. Have self confidence.

LOVE YOURSELF. I know it’s tough to love who you are everyday but at the end of the day having confidence in yourself is so important.

16.Turning 21 makes life so much easier.


Finally, you don't have to rely on others for drinks!!!! That's pretty much a life changing moment for all of us.

17. Stop and smell the roses.

Seriously, stop and smell the roses. You might realize that you prefer the smell of Irises.

18. Fall in love.


Take the dive into romance, let yourself fall into your emotions and experience one of the most amazing things this life has to offer. Not saying it’ll be a perfect romance but it will be a hell of a ride.

19.Your body changes.

My body has been all over the place with change. Whatever happens, just remember that you’ve got one body and you need to love it.

20. Go on adventures. 


Adventures make memories, and who doesn't want to make epic memories? Be it taking a train into a new city or just wandering around an antique store. Make every moment an epic adventure!

21. Write out your thoughts.

Nothing feels better than taking a pen to paper and letting your emotions be the ink.

22. Speak your mind.


Speak up! Say what is on your mind, never hold anything back. You could change the world with your words.

23. Self care is always necessary.

Take time to take care of yourself. Face masks, bubble baths, hot tea or whatever makes you feel zen. Do it, your body will thank you.

24. Just be happy. 

At the end of the day what matters most is your happiness. Live life to the fullest and just be happy.

Here's to 24 years, and to many more years of a good life and the coming wisdom.