Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! For most, like me, its the first time ever traveling to this side of the country. With the famous Space Needle landmark in sight through all of Seattle, there is so much to do and see with one day in this city.

Seattle is known for their world famous coffee, so where else better to start? I could list 20 different cafes, but I will just stick with one very important cafe. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. So the original Starbucks is cool and all, but this is where you can go to try the new roasts that are hitting the Starbucks stores. When visiting Capitol Hill, this should definitely be the first stop on your list. Here at the Roastery, you can try new espresso drinks and mixology-inspired cocktails. In this beautiful space, you can also rent it out for private parties and events!

After you get your great fix of coffee in the morning, let's move on to some of the great breweries that Seattle has to offer. While in Capitol Hill, Freemont Brewery is a great, kid, dog, iguana, and cat-friendly place to hang out with everyone. This safe place has a very cool and hip vibe that has an urban beer garden with a great draft lineup with beers brewed in-house.

After kicking back, having a drink and a bite to eat, I suggest heading towards Pike Place Market. There are a million bars, restaurants, cafes, and markets all through here. A few more breweries around, are Lagunitas, Redhook Brewlab and Pike Place Brewing Company. These are all great places to sit with great company and have a drink!

Once you have caught up on the craft beer fad in Seattle its time to move on more towards a few more different bar and restaurants around the city. There are obviously many options for people to choose from in the city, depending on what you want, here are a few options. Seattle Bagel Bakery and Sweet Iron Waffles are two great early lunch places that are really cheap! Same Tavern has amazing burgers and bloody Marys or if your in the mood for Italian, I would suggest checking out The Pink Door al close to Pike Place Market.

You really can't go wrong with any of these places. After a day full of eating, drinking and shopping, lets see some of the great lookouts in Seattle. Kerry Park is 1.26 acre park with a overlook of the beautiful city skyline. If you are feeling up to it, there are the Seattle Sounders or Mariner soccer/baseball games played in Pioneer Square. It seems like nothing short of a great day in Seattle, Washington.