The 24 Hours Following Spring Break
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Student Life

The 24 Hours Following Spring Break

Probably the worst 24 hours of your life.

The 24 Hours Following Spring Break

Spring break: a week and some change, known for being right around midterms and usually experienced warm and sunny. However, as all of us know, all good things must come to an end. Behold, the stages of the last day of spring break/first day back on campus after as depicted by (what I find) funny .gifs.

Realizing you actually have to leave the beach.

This feeling washes over you so fast, you probably didn't even see it coming. One second you're lounging out in the sun, the next, you're packing up and crying to yourself as the plane takes off, dragging you back to your campus.

Recognizing the street signs once you get back home and feeling a foreboding sense of dread

I don't know about you, but as soon as I get back into town, I feel comforted by familiarity, but also pretty panicky as I start to realize what lays ahead.

Running into friends at your dorm.

Alright, so getting back isn't so bad. After you arrive on campus, you realize that you've definitely missed your friends over the past couple of days. While socializing with not-entirely-unattractive strangers isn't so shabby, there's nothing like getting your "House of Cards" binge-watching partner back

Showing off your tan and telling war stories.

No spring break is complete without a few bumps along away. After reconnecting with friends, out the stories come. Who knew Jonny was capable of that?!

Realizing you forgot to clean your room before break...

Cleaning your room right before you head out sounds like it would have been the right thing to do, but did you do it? No? Me either. And let's be honest here, shove the clothes in front of your closet into your closet, and you could definitely put it off 'til It at least Wednesday.

Remembering how great the dining hall food is.

Dinner time? Time to hit up that dining hall. Oh, you thought that the food here was going to be as good as that burger joint by your hotel? Nope.

Waking up for that first class like nope.

The next day, after catching up, not cleaning, and eating questionable food, it's inevitably class time. Time to pound the alarm and snooze your days away... But you've actually got a pop quiz, so maybe not.

Taking a shower and crying about the next five days.

The shower that follows the painful waking up will inevitably be tearful, and that's okay! Just don't use up all the hot water, there are other people that need their cry-time.

Desperately trying to stay awake in class.

You thought that 9 a.m. was bad back in January? Try the Monday after spring break. Good luck keeping your eyes open, even with a Venti Triple Shot Americano.

Going back to your dorm to try and do homework, but ending up scrolling through your break pictures and laughing at that one from that one night.

Even after that long day, you'll find yourself remembering just how fun your past week was, and looking forward to doing it all again this summer. How many days until the end of the semester, again?

And just in case you need a little pick me up after this article, here's a compilation of babies laughing hysterically at dogs.

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