Young people, with death far out of sight, would pick a day filled with fun and adventure, or a quick luxury vacation. Well, at least that is what my peers said when we discussed such a day in my Death and Bereavement course.

In this course, we talk about everything death, from the funeral to organ donation, to how families grieve. I shed a lot of tears anytime someone speaks up about their experiences with death or our professor shows us a video. I know death and grieving quite well, after having lost three grandparents in my first year of college.

However, when I thought of my last 24 hours, it was not filled with adventure or traveling. It was filled with everything that makes me happy and makes me feel loved.

My day would look like this...

8:00 AM - wake up and read a great book

10:00 AM - get an everything bagel, half with cream cheese and half with butter

11:00 AM - take a bubble bath and continue to read

12:00 PM - go to a park and walk with my mom, and we would talk. At the park, the leaves would be red and orange (fall is my favorite season)

2:00-9:00 PM - end the walk by going to a common area filled with all the important people in my life

In this time I want to feel the sun on my face, I want to laugh until I cry, I want to hug my family and my friends. I want to know the impact I leave on them.

10:00 PM - watch my favorite movie with my mom and my sister

12:00 PM - sleep

While this day is not in my near future, and I hope I never have to have this day, I love knowing that this is what I consider my happy place. That invisible place I can go to in my head and see the things that make me happy.

What would your 24 hours look like?