23 Thoughts We Have During Dance Marathon
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23 Thoughts We Have During Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon 23 is coming up fast! While it's rewarding and difficult, it's all for a good cause.

23 Thoughts We Have During Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon 23 is coming up fast! While it is the most rewarding and difficult 24 hours of your life, you know you're doing a great thing for a great cause. But that doesn't mean that throughout those 24 hours you have moments of frustration, sadness and happiness. Here are 23 common thoughts you'll find people having during Dance Marathon.

1. I hope we no longer have to add names to the quilt.

During the opening ceremony, we take time to reflect on those who have lost their battles. While we still honor those who have past on, we can only hope we can diminish the amount of names added every year.

2. I hope people continue to donate throughout the event.

Hopefully someone will see this event on social media and donate. It's not like I've already posted about it a thousand times already.

3. The early hours of the event, "this isn't too bad I can do this!"

It's not until a few hours into the night that you start to feel fatigue, but you just got to think positive.

4. FTK!!!!

This is for the kids, we are dancing today so we can create a tomorrow. It's for the kids I can do this.

5. It's a good thing it's dark in here, otherwise all this lime would burn my eyes.

If the main ballroom had it's nights on, you may want to find some sunglasses with all of those lime shirts.

6. When should I change clothes?

Do I change them half way through or should I change them every few hours? Do I change when I start to feel gross? Help.

7. Can I get new feet?

My feet hurt, @obama help.

8. It has to be later than this....

There's no worse feeling than looking at the clock and only a few minutes have passed by rather than a few hours. Come on now, it has to be later than this.

9. When do we get to go to the mood room?

I just want my 20 minute nap and to lay down.

10. Will there be any surprise guests will there be this year?

At DM 22 Chad from the Bachelor surprised the crowd. Who knows, maybe another celebrity could show up this year?

11. How did people raise that much?

I had trouble raising $500 alone, how did people get into the 2.2K club?

12. Can I have a massage?

Please, anyone, I'm begging you. Or at least help me raise $600 to get a massage, it's much needed.

13. What's for dinner?

I'm hungry, I wonder what food they'll have this year.

14. I've never seen so much lime in my life.


15. This is hard but I know it's for a good cause.

I'm creating tomorrow by dancing today, I can do this.

16. I'm still mad "so and so" didn't donate.

When people say they'll donate but they don't, c'mon now.

17. I wonder what the theme will be next year?

Monsters Inc. to Finding Nemo, what's next?

18. Why do they have the option to learn the morale dance at 3 a.m.? No one is functioning then.

I want to learn it but I can't really function right now. Help.

19. Power Hour: I want a glow stick:///

You won't get one if you're in the back of the ballroom, can someone pass some over please?

20. I wonder how the families feel.

We've worked for months to raise money for these families and to support the hospital. I wonder what kind of pride they feel knowing that this is for them and their fighters.

21. I can't wait to sit down.

Hour 23, one more hour I can do this!!!!!

22. Bring on the Advil.

You can take it every 4-6 hours, that's about 4 times throughout the big event!!! Trust me, You'll need it afterwards.

23. I'm so proud of myself and the Dance Marathon crew.

We did it, DM 22 raised over $2 million. Let's see how much we can raise this and in the future.

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