23 Reasons Why Being 23 Is The Freakiest But Most Bomb Age To Be
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23 Reasons Why Being 23 Is The Freakiest But Most Bomb Age To Be

You really have no clue what you're doing, so you might as well go with it.

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There's a weird feeling you get when you realize you're actually in adulthood now. For some reason, it didn't hit me that I was a real adult until I turned 23. When you turn 20, you feel like you're in limbo because mentally you're still a kid, but you've now entered your 20s. Then there's 21, you definitely don't feel like an adult at that age. At 22-years-old, you're slowly starting to feel like an adult, but you're not quite there yet.

I'm sure many of you can relate that at 23-years-old you're still figuring everything out. You don't have your life together completely, and that's OK. It's scary being 23, but it's also exciting. You're starting a new phase in your life while learning how to navigate unknown territory. The only thing we can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride.

1. The weird phase of not feeling like an adult is over.

You've officially made the transition into the adult world.

2. You're done with school forever. 

School is part of the past now. That is the BEST feeling.

3. You start to secretly wish you were back in school. 

While you're happy to be done with school, you're secretly wishing you could go back. Those were the simple days...

4. You are either working or job hunting. 

You may have landed an awesome job, or you're searching the sea of jobs out there.

5. It's time to start making plans about the future. 

It's time to look forward because life is moving pretty fast.

6. You have no idea what you're doing half the time. 

You basically wing it everyday, and that is OK.

7. Juggling bills and money are a headache. 

The word money makes your head hurt.

8. You may or not may not cry over money at least once a week. 

It's OK to have a mental breakdown over money.

9. Most of your money goes towards coffee.

While you worry about money, you spend it on coffee because it is necessary.

10. Coffee is now one of your major food groups.

Correction, coffee is your only food group. Coffee is what you live off of.

11. You have to force yourself to be active because you're not getting any younger. 

Suddenly, being healthy feels like a chore.

12. Your metabolism is slowing down. 

Unfortunately, you can't eat whatever you want anymore either.

13. You feel old and young at the same time. 

It's an odd feeling because you still want to be young, but you have to act old.

14. You wonder if the weird aches you get are real or just your imagination. 

Is that back pain my imagination?

15. You experience a pre-midlife crisis. 

You have a freak out and then realize you're freaking out at 23-years-old. Why?

16. You still don't know who you are. 

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are.

17. You have to resist the urge to dress like a 15-year-old and wear adult clothes. 

I just want to wear jeans everyday.

18. Adult clothes aren't fun. They're stiff and boring. 

I miss the baggy t-shirts and shorts days from college.

19. Your friends start to change and so do you. 

You learn to understand that change is good.

20. You meet new people.

You're never too old to make friends.

21. You start to learn how to solve your own problems. 

The urge to ask your parents for help every time is strong, but you know you have to do it on your own.

22. You learn to appreciate the good times. 

You realize life is too short to worry constantly.

23. Somewhere along the road you find yourself, and things click into place. 

One day, everything will make sense.

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