22 Reasons Having A Dog Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

22 Reasons Having A Dog Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

'Who's a good boy?'

Looking for a boy this summer? Consider getting yourself a dog instead.

Need convincing? Here are 22 reasons having a dog is better than having a boyfriend:

1. Dogs will always be down to hangout, no matter what.

2. Dogs love you regardless of how disastrous you look after a long day.

3. Dogs do not care what you are having for dinner, whether it’s a pizza or a bowl of cereal.

4. Dogs will watch all of your favorite shows with you.

5. Dogs love you just as much (if not more) than any other human.

6. Dogs will cuddle with you any time of day.

7. Dogs will always put their best foot forward.

8. Dogs do not expect you to always be up for going out.

9. Dogs give the best kisses.

10. Dogs will always miss you, even if you’ve only been apart for a couple hours.

11. Dogs always respond when you call them.

12. Dogs will go away when you tell them to.

13. Dogs always know how to make you feel better when you are sad.

14. Dogs are always happy to go on adventures with you.

15. Dogs always want to impress you.

16. Dogs learn their lesson after doing something bad.

17. Dogs know they are good boys.

18. Dogs know they have to earn your love (and lots of treats).

19. Dogs are always excited to see you.

20. Dogs love you unconditionally.

21. Dogs always look cute (especially while they are asleep).

22. Dogs will always be there for you.

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Buckley

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10 People You See On Valentine's Day

"Wait - it's Valentine's Day?!"

For some, Valentine's Day is the day to appreciate the people (or that one special person) you love. For others, it's the day that you can eat a whole box of chocolates and watch a whole lot of Nicholas Sparks movies and not be judged. You'll encounter a lot of people on Valentine's Day, all of who have very different (and sometimes adamant) opinions on the day.

1. The hopeless romantic.

Whether or not he or she is in a relationship, Valentine's Day is this person's favorite holiday. It's a perfect excuse to indulge in some cheesy romantic movies and chocolate. (This person will post all about it on social media, of course.)

2. The anti-Valentine.

This person hates Valentine's Day. He or she thinks it's a fake holiday, invented by Hallmark for capitalistic purposes and refuses to partake in any activities involving hearts, the color red, and most importantly: love.

3. The couple that is REALLY over-the-top.

These two take Valentine's Day as an excuse to get super gooey in public. It's great to celebrate love, but maybe not in front of me on the escalator.

4. The Galentine's Day girls.

These girls may not be in a relationship, but they don't care - they've got each other!

5. The person in a new relationship.

This person just started seeing someone, and now will begin to panic about what to do. Should he or she make plans, pretend it's just another regular day or should they avoid the date all together?

6. The very single person.

This person complains about being single a lot of the time. But on this particular day when love is celebrated, you'll find this person crying along to The Notebook or complaining very loudly to her friends about her singleness.

7. The cupid.

The cupid is usually in a long-term relationship, and looking to get his or her friends on board the commitment train. He or she set up really awkward Valentine's double dates, or create really weird situations at work or school. The cupid may find someone you like - but more likely, he or she will find you someone who you can't look at straight in the eye for the rest of the year.

8. The person who takes Valentine's Day seriously. Very seriously.

This person has been planning for this day for a while. He or she always sends all his or her friends and loved ones cards, flowers, and other Valentine's goodies, spreading the Valentine's day love all around.

9. The person who is planning to party.

Valentine's Day? Love? More like an excuse to go out and party. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, or whether he or she has school or work tomorrow. This person will be replacing dates with drinks and celebrating his or her singleness.

10. The person who forgot.

"Wait - it's Valentine's Day?!" is what you'll probably hear this person shout out loud at around noon, before he or she takes off running to text and buy flowers for his or her significant other in an attempt to cover up their slip-up.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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The Secret Ingredient To A Beautiful Life Is Love, So Spread It As Much As You Can

Love makes you soft, not in the weak kind of soft, but in the most humble and beautiful way.

Love today can be used to describe well, basically everything. I love cheeseburgers. I love Grey's Anatomy. Eleanor from 'The Good Place' loves when people puke on roller coasters.

But you see, there's another type of love out there: a true love, a pure love, a love deeper than words can go. A love so abundant that if it were lacking, our lives would be rather meaningless.

Love is what makes us human. Without love, one can't appreciate the mountains peeking above the clouds, the seemingly flawless flowers flowing beneath the wind, the laughter one holds when looking in someone's eyes, that someone's eyes, and feeling pure bliss.

It runs through your veins, it pounds at your heart, it warms up your body, and makes you feel invincible, like not one thing in the world can take you away from this point in time, this moment of pure, utter, happiness.

Love will come into your life, and either make you or break you. It rises above all other things. It can surpass every bone, every muscle in your body telling you to go one way, but LOVE will take you the other.

Love is beautiful and detrimental. It can build up your heart on the basis of your love yet tear your heart into pieces in an instant if your love remains strong and the other's has faded, but true love never fades.

True love is looking into someone's eyes and seeing the world; seeing all the places you will go, all the adventures you will take on, seeing them as yourself, as two people coming together, like putting the last piece of a puzzle on you didn't know you were missing.

It is seeing someone exactly as they are, the good and bad, and appreciating all of it. It is knowing someone inside and out, not ashamed that they know all of you head to toe, and you know all of them.

Love is the little things. It's giving someone the last bite of your favorite chocolate bar, playing with their hair just to see them smile, picking them up and spinning them around like a cheesy scene from a movie.

Love is waking up every day a little happier, a little more at peace, a little more hopeful and excited for your days.

Love is timeless. It's beautiful. It's rare. So catch it while you have it, and savor it, because love is what makes life beautiful.

I challenge us to love a little more, every day. Because this world needs a little more love, and I'll let you in on a little secret; it's contagious.

Pass a smile on to the man who seems as if he is merely going through the motions of his everyday life. Pay for the old lady behind you at Starbucks and make her smile and have hope for the future generations. Tell someone, anyone, they're beautiful, and they're important.

Call your mom. Call your dad. Tell them how much you appreciate them, and thank them, for everything. Write sticky notes on your dorm mirror in the bathroom, with cute little bible verses and sayings, something along the lines of YOU ARE LOVED.

And most importantly, tell the most broken ones. Show the people that don't know how to love that you love them, and make them feel a little more important, give them a little more hope. Get a little closer to knocking down their brick walls.

Because love makes you soft, not in the weak kind of soft, but in the most humble and beautiful way. It gives you hope and prosperity. It eliminates the differences that separate our world and unites people that never would've connected before. It brings magic into a seemingly corrupt world.

And without love, you are missing this magic link between you and your soulmate (yes, I believe soulmates are a thing). Get excited, and wait for everything to fall into place right before your eyes.

So love more. Love your loved ones. Love the random people you pass by everyday, who might not have anyone in their life to soften their hearts, because without love, we are merely going through the motions of our everyday lives, rather than taking in the hidden beauties that can SO easily be discovered, with love.

Cover Image Credit: Elizabeth Bogart

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