Looking for a boy this summer? Consider getting yourself a dog instead.

Need convincing? Here are 22 reasons having a dog is better than having a boyfriend:

1. Dogs will always be down to hangout, no matter what.

2. Dogs love you regardless of how disastrous you look after a long day.

3. Dogs do not care what you are having for dinner, whether it’s a pizza or a bowl of cereal.

4. Dogs will watch all of your favorite shows with you.

5. Dogs love you just as much (if not more) than any other human.

6. Dogs will cuddle with you any time of day.

7. Dogs will always put their best foot forward.

8. Dogs do not expect you to always be up for going out.

9. Dogs give the best kisses.

10. Dogs will always miss you, even if you’ve only been apart for a couple hours.

11. Dogs always respond when you call them.

12. Dogs will go away when you tell them to.

13. Dogs always know how to make you feel better when you are sad.

14. Dogs are always happy to go on adventures with you.

15. Dogs always want to impress you.

16. Dogs learn their lesson after doing something bad.

17. Dogs know they are good boys.

18. Dogs know they have to earn your love (and lots of treats).

19. Dogs are always excited to see you.

20. Dogs love you unconditionally.

21. Dogs always look cute (especially while they are asleep).

22. Dogs will always be there for you.