22 Boozy Drinks That Will Either Trick Or Treat You This Halloween
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22 Boozy Drinks That Will Either Trick Or Treat You This Halloween

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22 Boozy Drinks That Will Either Trick Or Treat You This Halloween

Excited for a spooky and fun Halloween? Spice things up with these super scary cocktails and shots that will be sure to give you one of the best Halloween parties that you've ever been to or hosted. The kids have their candy, but we have our liquor mixed with candy...

1. Vampires Kiss Shots.

Because every cute vampire deserves a kiss on Halloween. The perfect combination of Baileys, vodka, raspberries, and chocolate syrup will be sure to give you that special kiss.

2. Pumpkin Spice Rum.

This is a perfect fall drink for all of those pumpkin lovers out there. It's not the spookiest drink, but it is bound to be delicious!

3. Poisoned Apple Cocktail.

Who doesn't love a good poisoned apple? Get that apple vodka ready to create this poisoned drink. Just remember to have your Prince nearby just in case!

4. Witch's Brew Cocktail.

Add a package of lime gelatin, cups of boiling water, chilled pineapple juice, lemon-lime flavored soda, ginger ale, and some chilled vodka for the perfect concution. Don't get to close to the witch's brew when they are making it because they might add you to the position.

5. Black Magic Shimmering Cherry Martini.

Any magicians in the house? You must try this magical drink if so! You will dazzle everyone with this shimmery black drink.

6. Black Light Jello Shots.

Looking for some spooky fun in the dark creepy rooms of the Halloween party? Glow it up with some black light jello shots. This will definitely get the night started.

7. Candy Corn Shots.

Halloween is all about the candy corn so of course, you must prepare a candy corn shot for all of your guests to try!

8. Halloween Sangria.

Add some fresh blackberries and oranges for a bloody sangria concoction this Hallowine.

9. Pumpkin Pie Shots.

Shout out to all of those pumpkin lovers again! Pumpkin pie shot...yes, please!?

10. Syringe Shots.

Do you want a unique and fun way to serve your shots on Halloween? Well look no further because here you go!

11. Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch.

The Hocus Pocus drink is the perfect orange for a perfect Halloween.

12. The Walking Dead.

Attention all Zombies the walking dead please sleepwalk your way over to this drink now.

13. Love Potion Cinnamon Whiskey.

Take your lover and drink this love potion together like Romeo and Juliet once did. If you are feeling super into the character you can even put on a skit of it for all of your friends.

14. Fun Dip Shots.

What is not fun about this shot? It is legitimately fun dip in a shot glass. Halloween is all about the candy.

15. Mermaid Water.

If we have any mermaids or pirates out there in the crowd this one is for you. Captain Morgan mixed with Malibu is the perfect combo for anyone lost at sea.

16. Liquefied Ghost.

We cannot forget of our traditional Halloween ghosts. There will be ghosts in the air while drinking this spooky drink. Did you get goosebumps?

17. The Witch's Heart.

Once we kill the witch we must take her heart to make a lovely drink of course.

18. Cotton Candy Magic Martini.

Again cotton candy on Halloween, yes, please! Bring on the candy.

19. Zombie Brain Shot.

The zombies are out and are looking for brains. Better to have this drink prepared before they start looking for yours.

20. Beetlejuice.

Gummy candies soaked up with alcohol. I'd say yes to this green and slimy Beetlejuice drink.

21. Devilish Punch.

We all can't be angels. The devils come out on Halloween and are ready to get rowdy.

22. Green Slime Punch.

End the night with some green slime.

P.S. click on the photos for the recipes to make these drinks!


Have a Happy Halloween.

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