Turning 21 might just have been the best birthday I have ever had. Sure, alcohol helps add to the fun but it is so much more than just that. Here are just a few of the fun things I did to celebrate my 21st birthday.

1. Go to the DMB

I know this one does not sound like fun, and trust me I normally would not be too excited about going to the DMB. However, I was so excited to finally get my license flipped.

2. Go to Walmart

Is it really your birthday if you don't have a birthday stash or crown to prove it?

3. Go to the liquor store

It truly is like a candy store for adults there were so many options I did not even know where to start.

4. Go eat with your friends

Preferably somewhere where you can get an alcoholic drink out.

5. Show off your new ID

I went just about every place I could think of that I would get carded at. It is such a crazy feeling that now you can buy drinks whenever you want.

6. Go to the bar

There is nothing like celebrating your 21st with a bunch of strangers who are excited to celebrate with you.

7. Sing karaoke

I might not be the best singer, but it is my birthday so people can suck it up and deal with it.

8. Play a game of darts

I could not tell you how to play this game. All I know is I can hit the board and in my book I would count that as a win.

9. Dance on an elevated surface

It is your birthday so it only makes sense that you dance on whatever you want and no one can judge you because it is your night.

10. Grab up some of your friends and get on the dance floor

It might be your birthday but make sure your friends get in on the fun as well.

11. Have the best night of your life

You only turn 21 once so you best make it a good one.

12. Do not be afraid to have fun

It is your birthday so make sure whatever it is you do that you have fun.

13. Be responsible and get an Uber

While it may be legal for you to drink you still need to be responsible that means NO drinking and driving.

14. Do not over do it

While it may be fun tonight just remember that it will not only hurt tomorrow, but it will not even be your birthday so you best pace yourself.

15. Hydrate

You know what they say "hydrate or diedrate" this is a rule to live by.

16. Do not take drinks from strangers

It might be your birthday but I promise that does not mean it is ok to take drinks from strangers. Do I need say more surely your mom taught you that a long time ago!

17. Take lots of pictures

Depending on how hard you celebrate you might need these pictures to jog your memory later.

18. Get your friends to sing happy birthday

What is a birthday without your friends singing to you?

19. Always stay with your friends

Sometimes things can get crazy and your basically your friends responsibility for the night, so please just stay with them so they do not have to come looking for you.

20. Have no regrets

You might not make the best choices tonight so just remember do not do it if you think you will regret it later.

21. Make it home safely

The most important thing to do is always get home safely.

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