21 Things Anyone Who Has Studied Abroad Can Relate To
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21 Things Anyone Who Has Studied Abroad Can Relate To

And so the study abroad nostalgia sets in.

21 Things Anyone Who Has Studied Abroad Can Relate To
John Reinbott

Studying abroad is a unique experience for those who are lucky enough to do so. Getting the chance to travel the world while taking laid-back classes; what more could a college student want? Despite the fact that each and every story of a study abroad experience varies in countless different ways there are always a few things that all students can relate to.

1. You battled one or more language barriers

But when it came down to it you really only needed to know how to say two things: chocolate and wine (don't deny it because you know it's true).

2. You survived a RyanAir flight

And you thought I mean, if I die on this terrifying death trap from hell at least I can die knowing I only spent 15 euros for this flight.

3. You spent at least one night in a sketchy hotel

And you thought Okay, just go in the room, ignore the random strangers, lock up your valuables and go to bed. Don't even bother trying to shower because there's something green and hairy growing in the drain.

4. You were constantly adjusting to different time zones

But it was totally worth it because it meant you were traveling somewhere new.

5. Google Translate was your best friend and your worst enemy

Sometimes you were able to have a decent conversation with the locals using this handy dandy app and other times you pissed them off because the app made you say, "you look like a dying fish" instead of, "you look nice."

6. You tried a bunch of different types of food

You miss it like crazy and find yourself looking down upon the American equivalent while saying, "it tasted so much better abroad."

7. Your phone is filled with an embarrassing number of pictures of food

Food, food and more food. Enough said.

8. You know your way around numerous cities

You spent the week beforehand figuring out how to navigate the streets and memorized the bus and metro schedules. You walked around these cities like you grew up there.

9. You have enough #TBTs to last a lifetime

I mean, hell, you could start doing throwback Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and you still wouldn't run out of pictures.

10. You miss eating your bodyweight in gelato

It quickly became a normal part of your daily diet.

11. You often found yourself getting lost in a new city

Depite all your careful planning you found yourself getting lost every now and then but always made the best of it and often had more fun than you thought you would wandering the streets of a strange city at 3 am.

12. You spent way too much money on souvenirs

You told yourself Okay I'm only going to spend $30 today. Oh, but I need this. Wait, Mom would totally love that.

And then you had to figure out how to bring it all home.

13. You contemplated smuggling booze back into the US

"Oh how did that get into my carry-on Mr. Customs Employee? It's okay, I'll throw it out for you once I'm out of the airport. Sound like a plan."

14. You made friends with some locals

These people made your time abroad even more special and helped you figure out what was what on the menu, as well as told you about all the good clubs nearby.

15. You have endless pictures of you in front of iconic landmarks

I mean if you don't have a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, did you even go to France?

16. You learned a lot about different cultures

Despite the fact that it took some time to adjust, you found yourself immersed in the local culture of whatever country you were studying in.

17. You walked everywhere

When public transportation seemed a bit too much for your college student budget it meant there was only one choice––walking. But hey, the Colosseum is only seven miles from your current location, so you'll be there in no time.

18. You have packing down to a science

Your weekly trips to somewhere new forced you to learn all different types of packing tricks and your friends from home are always coming to you for advice.

19. You kept some of the local currency as a souvenir

Because it's the easiest souvenir to get as long as it doesn't convert back to too much money in your home country.

20. You can't wait to be 21 so you can be legal again

The struggle is real.

21. You have the travel bug and can't wait for the chance to go back

You jump at any chance you get and are constantly talking about/planning your next trip.

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