21 Reasons To Love Twenty One Pilots
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21 Reasons To Love Twenty One Pilots

If you're not already a fan, this is your calling.

21 Reasons To Love Twenty One Pilots
Rolling Stone

If you pay attention to the latest charts in music, you probably noticed a band called Twenty One Pilots. Their latest album, "Blurryface," is currently the number six album on iTunes, with their song "Ride" being number nine on the charts. You may be asking, what makes this band any better than the others?

1. They're from Ohio.

Specifically Columbus, Ohio. It seems like every famous person is from either New York or L.A. these days, so it's refreshing to see a band from somewhere else. Especially since Ohio is where I've lived all my life.

2. There is only two of them.

Twenty One Pilots is made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Tyler sings, raps, and plays multiple instruments including the ukulele, piano, and tambourine while Josh plays drums. Listening to their music, you wouldn't guess there is only two members.

3. The drums.

One of the most unique aspects of their sound is the use of the drums. Because Josh only plays drums, almost every song contains some great drumbeats. The way Josh plays them is also very recognizable—he kills it every time.

4. Tyler Joseph's vocals.

...Are everything. Not only is his voice recognizable and unique, but he can sing just about anything amazingly well. He sings with a tremendous amount of passion and genuineness. You can tell he isn't trying to sound perfect (although he does), but rather is singing completely from his heart. He can also rap insanely fast!

5. Tyler Joseph's relationship with his wife.

One of the perks of being a fan of the band is getting to see lots of adorable pictures of Tyler and Jenna Joseph. Their relationship is literally everything. You just have to get over the sad fact that Tyler is never going to fall in love with and marry you.

6. They are humble.

I haven't met them in person, but I am absolutely certain that they are two of the most humble "famous" people out there. If you watch interviews, go to their live shows, or follow them on social media, it is clear—they may be incredibly talented and moving up in the charts, but they are still just normal best friends who started out singing at churches and now make music together.

7. Rap without the constant cursing.

Yes, Tyler raps, but it is a completely different kind of rapping than an artist such as Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne. His rap contains deep thoughts and amazingly cohesive and lyrical words, without containing the N word, sexually explicit statements, or references to drugs and alcohol.

8. The mixture of musical genres.

Twenty One Pilots' music cannot be easily explained. Using the piano in some songs, ukulele in others, and synthesizers in others, there is quite a range of sound. There is also drums in every song. Tyler sings and raps. It may seem like it wouldn't sound good or would only appeal to certain people, but I think that truly anyone can enjoy their music regardless of what genre they usually listen to.

9. The lyrical content.

The lyrics to their songs are deep, and sometimes I can't tell exactly what a song is getting at, but that's what makes it beautiful. The lyrics are relatable to anyone and are about issues that are not talked about so much in other artists' songs, such as depression and anxiety. The songs can bring hope to people who feel lost.

10. Josh and Tyler's friendship.

These two guys aren't just members of the same band, they are best friends. According to an interview they had with Paper Mag, they were friends for about a year before even playing anything together. Together, they are funnier and more creative than either would be on their own, and it's wonderful to watch.

11. The insane live shows.

If you have the chance to go to one of their live shows, go. If you are in the pit or at a small venue especially, get ready for the most intense night of your life. You may be shoved. You may cry. But it is so worth every shove and every tear.

12. The faith behind the music.

I love how these guys tie their faith into their music without trying to convert anyone or shove anything down the listeners' throat. If you are into your faith, you will appreciate the allusions to God and the hidden meanings in some of their songs. However, if you are not into your faith, you can still enjoy the music for what it is without feeling like their beliefs are being forced upon you.

13. They are genuine.

The lyrics to their song "Lane Boy" say it best: "They say stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy, but we go where we want to." This is a band that refuses to change who they are. They do not conform to the world's standards for music, aesthetics, or behavior. They are simply themselves, and it is so refreshing.

14. The love they have for their crazy, devoted fans.

Something they say at every show is "We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you." They realize that their fans (known as the Skeleton Clique) have helped them get to the point they are at. TOP fans can be some of the wildest people, but they are truly devoted to the band.

15. Tyler's laugh/smile.

Who doesn't want to support this? Again, still getting over the fact that he'll never fall in love with me.

16. Josh's ever-changing hair.

You'll never get bored when you're constantly wondering what color Josh's hair currently is. And you'll never be disappointed, because he looks good with any hair color.

17. Their goofy senses of humor.

Watch an interview with them and try not to laugh. I dare you.

18. Josh's flipping skills.

Another perk of the live show.

19. The meaning behind their name.

The name comes from the Arther Miller play "All My Sons," which Tyler studied in school. In the play, a man who makes plane parts during WWII comes to a moral crossroads when he has to decide whether or not to send out faulty plane parts. He ends up sending them, which causes the death of 21 pilots. According to an interview with Under the Gun Magazine, they chose this as their name to remind them that the best decision can sometimes be the harder decision or the one that takes more work.

20. Aesthetics.

From their album covers to what they wear to the symbols associated with them, their aesthetics are on point.

21. Their passion.

Ultimately, what makes Twenty One Pilots who they are is their passion for making music that represents them, and that relates to and touches their fans. They are dedicated and hard-working.

I think I speak for all of their fans when I say, thank you, Twenty One Pilots. Thank you for being that band, and I can't wait till I see what you guys do next.

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