21 Things Customers Do That Annoy The Hell Out Of Retail Workers
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21 Things Customers Do That Annoy The Hell Out Of Retail Workers

The customer is not always right!!!

21 Things Customers Do That Annoy The Hell Out Of Retail Workers

1. Call us workers names

Just because we do not give you the answer that you want, does not mean that you have the right to call us names or report us to management, we will probably just end up making fun of you behind your back anyway.

2. Take tickets off of underpriced items and put them on overpriced items

No, I cannot give you that Lily Pulitzer dress for $10. We literally have a machine that looks up what tickets are, it gives us a price, name, and type of object.

3. Take things off hangers and deliberately throw it over the rack

I KNOW for a FACT that you weren't raised in a barn and that you definitely know that is the wrong place for it, so why do you have to do it? I actually watched a woman once on Black Friday take something off of a hanger, look at me, and then throw it over the rack and walk away.

4. Stay in the store until after closing

We have families too, you know, and a life. Go home, I do not want to be cleaning up your mess 45 minutes after the store is already closed.

5. Put a shit ton of items in a cart and leave them around the store, full

If you cannot afford it and know that you can't afford it, why put it in the cart in the first place?

7. Take a ton of items to the cashier and then give half of it back


8. Tell us your life story at the register

I do not care. I only ask 'how are you' to break the awkward silence.

9. Let your kids run amok

I love to hear children scream and watch them run around the store and mess everything up...NOT. TAME YOUR KIDS. We are not a daycare, you decided to have children, so you watch them.

10. Let your kids scream and cry

TAKE THEM OUTSIDE!!!! I do not want to hear that shit and neither does the entire damn store.

11. Try and price check for us

We have standards and items have to look similar or be the same brand, but you wouldn't know that because you don't work there. But stop getting mad at me because I'm doing my job.

12. Bring 20+ items into the fitting room

How are you capable of trying that much on?

13. Get mad when we don't give you the answer that you want

Sorry, but we do not have that item you saw in the store two weeks ago, and no, I do not know where it would be.

14. Cut us off if we ask if you want a credit card

It is our job, we have to do it. If you don't want one, please wait until after we get the words out of our mouths before you say no. You are just being rude.

15. Give change after I already put your money in the register

First off, I am not good at math. Second, it messes up the register. STOP DOING THIS.

16. Babble about how much something is and how it should be a different price

I do not make the prices, I only put the sticker on, if you have a problem with that, please do not talk to me about it because I do not care.

17. Compare us to other stores

If you don't like our store, please go to the other one you like so much more.

18. "Oh it must be free"

No, Debby, it is not fucking free, nor will it ever be.

19. When a customer asks "do you work here?"

No, I just wear this name tag and radio for no goddamn reason.

20. When a customer puts their money on the counter instead of just handing it to you

Oh really? How about I just throw your bags at your face, let's see how you like it.

21. "Do you have this in the back?"

The "back" is not some magical fucking unicorn world, what we have is what we have.

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