All over the world, all over the country, all over the globe, we celebrate a new year every 365 days.

We may celebrate with friends, family, or significant others. We may eat, party, laugh, and sing. We may bring in good spirits to begin a new year. A new year with a new journey awaiting to begin.

Do we stop to ask ourselves whose year this will be?

Do we take a second to think about our goals for the year?

Do we think about ourselves first, in order to help others with open arms?

Do we make it OUR year?

Sometimes I feel like people are so used to beginning a new year with hopes of erasing the past year. Or they begin a new year saying they want this or that, but it never ends up happening. Make 2019 YOUR year.

When we reflect on our past, year after year, we ask ourselves how we can make a change. We ask ourselves for forgiveness and determination in days to come. When we think about the days ahead, we may write down some thoughts.

Make a plan for yourself.

Make a list of short-term goals.

Make a list of long-term goals.

Make a promise to yourself.

Make a bucket list for yourself.

Make a difference.

Make a dream become reality.

And... Make it happen.

Too many of us wish for our year to come, but hey, it is already here.

It is 2019, it is a time for peace, prosperity, and kindness spread throughout the world. The change starts with you and your ambition to make 2019 YOUR year.

The world cannot change if each individual does not change.

Looking back at the grocery store last week, I was standing in line to check out where I saw a woman in front of me holding a baby as her toddler was inside the carriage. She was staring closely at the total when suddenly she started putting medicine back on the shelves as she could not afford it. I stood there in awe and thought to myself for a minute.

I had to make a change in order for this world to change. I told the woman I wanted to buy her the stuff she put back. As she walked away with her children smiling ear to ear, I knew that 2019 would be MY year.

I would make a change in myself to make a change in the world.

Make 2019 YOUR year.