2018 had many tears, many heartbreaks, and had many laughs. The start of the year was really good to me and I'm blessed to have been able to have many doors open for me. I got a job as a preschool and when people say that you need to have a job that you enjoy waking up too. I had that, I loved the kids that I took care of and I loved getting to know them and their little personalities. Then, I got accepted to my dream school and had to let go of my job and that was heartbreaking.

During this time, I lost my puppy of only a year but, I'm just blessed to have been able to spend a year with my little cuddle buddy. Now let's fast-forward a couple of months, I decided to rush and found my home in Delta Zeta. I have made so many memories so far and now I have many friends that will be my friends for a lifetime. I'm beyond thankful that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join this amazing friendship.

This last year has had many life lessons and moments that I will cherish forever. I have gained some amazing siblings that I am beyond blessed to have, I have met some amazing people that I can always count on, and I have gone through some hard times but, I'm so thankful that my family has been with me every step of the way.

Jesus opens doors and closes them in his time and he also gives some of his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I have been taken through battle and battle but, I'm excited to see the outcome of them. I know that in 2019 that I may have many battles, heartbreaks, I may shed many tears, and I know I will make many memories. I'm blessed to have made it through another year and I'm excited to see what 2019 has in store.

So for 2018... Thank You, Next.