11 Things That Definitely Prove 2016 Is Some Kind Of Joke
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11 Things That Definitely Prove 2016 Is Some Kind Of Joke

Some of this stuff can't actually be happening, right?

11 Things That Definitely Prove 2016 Is Some Kind Of Joke
Joanne Tracey

After seeing all of the odd news come out day after day, we can all agree that 2016 has been a pretty weird year so far. I personally believe that 2016 is a dream or something. There is no way all of this is actually happening. Here are 11 things that definitely prove 2016 is some kind of joke:

1. “Pokémon hunting” is a totally normal hobby.

After the release of Pokémon Go at the beginning of the month, people of all ages are leaving their houses to virtually hunt down and collect Pokémon. This is something we veteran Pokémon players have been dreaming about for most of our lives, and now it's a reality.

2. Kim Kardashian is more respected than Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian has never been a very well-respected celebrity, but after she caught Taylor in a lie about Kanye West, we couldn't love her more! Kim's heroic Snapchat has exposed America's sweetheart as nothing but a snake.

3. Cleveland won the NBA finals.

Cleveland has never been known to have good luck when it comes to professional sports, but after a 52 year dry spell, the Cleveland Curse is finally over! The Cavaliers took home the trophy at the end of game seven of the 2016 NBA finals.

4. My Chemical Romance might be coming back.

Since the band's tragic breakup in 2013, no one could even dare to hope for a reunion tour, but in the middle of some dreary Wednesday, MCR sent the world into a panic after deleting their breakup tweet and releasing a short, haunting teaser with the date "9/23/16" at the end. Definitely not what we expected this year.

5. Blink-182 is relevant again.

After their reunion album in 2011, we were all hungry for more. But even though they suffered the loss of their guitarist/singer last year, Blink is back with another album! With the band forming in 1992, who would have guessed that they'd still be headlining tours in 2016?

6. And two out of three Jonas Brothers.

What? Is that my childhood calling? With Nick's solo career taking off and Joe's new band recording what may be the catchiest song of the summer, all we need is Kevin to resurface for a Jonas Brothers reunion to become possible.

7. One Direction may be over.

Sadly, in the midst of all of these other bands coming back, we may have also lost one of the most iconic of our generation. After Zayn, Harry, and Liam—three out of the five members—signed solo contracts, we can only hope for another album from the group.

8. The presidential election

Need I say more? At this rate, 2016 is just going to get crazier come November.

9. "Finding Nemo" finally got a sequel.

15 years after the first movie premiered, "Finding Dory" became one of the biggest movies of 2016. For a movie only rated PG, theaters were definitely filled with more people in their 20s than children whom the movie was originally marketed towards.

10. Brexit happened.

All hell seemed to break loose in Europe when Britain overwhelmingly approved leaving the European Union. What will this mean for the future of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world?

11. Another "Shrek" movie may be in our future.

That's right. You read this correctly. "Shrek 5," ladies and gentlemen. It's real, and it will be out in just a few short years.

So I think everyone can agree that 2016 has been one of the weirdest we've ever experienced. But who knows. We have five months left to top some of these stories. Let's go nuts.

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