My Top 8 Moments From Twitter's #2015 Faves
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My Top 8 Moments From Twitter's #2015 Faves

Social media moments from 2015.

My Top 8 Moments From Twitter's #2015 Faves

As usual, it is the time of year where every channel on the television is constantly broadcasting their “Top x Moment of 2015”. So, I am taking it upon myself to broadcast a few of my favorite things from the year 2015. With the lovely help of Twitter and their creation of the #2015Faves hashtag, which is filled with hilarious memes and shady tweets that were posted in 2015. And with no further ado, my top 8 #2015Faves are as listed:

8. THE Shadiest Tweet of 2015

@TRYVNS: “when black people have Twitter lit with a topic/hashtag and white folks feel left out”

Come on, people. This is hilarious and awfully true. When it comes to hashtags such as #GrowingUpBlack, #Thanksgivingwithblackfamilies, or #BlackLivesMatter, where Black people are sharing tidbits and memories of our culture, or things that concern our communities, we are often times met with backlash from White people. We don’t say this to be rude, but let us have our fun. We weren’t welcome in the “forefront” of Twitter, so we made our own spaces where we are accepted, cool it. Sit back, have a laugh or two.

7. Jesus wore a crown, but not this crown…


We’ve all seen one. Maybe your parents have one that they keep their change in, or your uncle who can’t stay from the bottle keeps his supply in it. Either way, we’ve all seen one. But this baby took it to CHURCH.

6. Personal space, please?

@FreddyAmazin: “Beyonce was so into what Jay Z was doing on his phone she started eating her drink”

If any of you have ever been in a relationship, you know that sometimes you just want tell your significant to just back the hell up and let you breathe, and this “power couple” is no exception. I truly don’t know what’s funnier: the photo or the caption.

5. #TheStory

There isn’t much I can say about this one, but read. Read the whole story.


If you were near a computer or cell phone during the week of Thanksgiving, I’m sure you have seen the reviews of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies which were sold out at many Wal-Mart stores around the country. But this one review took the cake, well, the pie.

3. Meek…wyd?

If you enjoy hip-hop to any degree, I’m sure you heard of the Meek Mill/Drake beef. The beef that gave Drake a #1 track. Yes, that one. It was all over whether Drake writes his own music, but Meek Mill was not ready for the beef he started. For days, countless memes of Meek hit the internet, all the while Drake was dropping diss-track after diss-track.

2. Broke Phi Broke

@CuntryCorner: “Your balance is…$1.29”

Don’t even front, we’ve all been here. After a long weekend of shopping or partying, you realize that you have real important things to do with your money, and you log into your banking app, dreading what you will once the screen loads. It’s like your whole world is collapsing.

1. Beyonce Always on Beat.

Girl, listen. Anyone who knows me knows that I am no huge fan of Beyonce, BUT these videos are GOLDEN. No matter what genre of music it is, Beyonce is always on beat. Whoever synced up these videos deserves an award.

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