20 Travel Influencers Every 20-Something Needs To Follow In 2020

There's nothing better than scrolling through an Instagram feed full of beautiful scenery, mouth-watering food, and jaw-dropping adventures. Travel influencers on Instagram truly have the ideal lifestyle!

While you're adding saving up for your next journey, these 20 Instagram accounts can help you feed your appetite for travel. Not only are you living vicariously through someone else's photos, but you can also add all of the wonderful places that you see to your list of dream destinations!

1. @wearetravelgirls

Their goal is to inspire, connect, and educate female travelers. Not only do they share beautiful photos, but they also write helpful and interesting tips with every post.

2. @sheisnotlost

They share beautiful travel photos and their blog is full of information and tips for travelers.

5. @showmethemonty_

Between the cute outfits, videos, and breathtaking photos, Caitlin's Instagram is pure joy. She also posts about how she chose to leave her job and start traveling.

6. @thesprouting.sunflower

Deina's page is full of beautiful travel photos fitting her aesthetic, but she also posts about mental health, empowerment, and Latino-owned businesses.

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