1. Oh wow. That boy is beautiful.

2. I wonder if he's sweating because he's so hot.

3. He looks like a freakin' model. How is this fair?

4. I think he's prettier than me.

5. Shut up. I am beautiful. I am hot. This boy should be staring at me.

6. Oh shit! He caught me staring at him.

7. Focus on something else so he doesn't think I was staring at him.

8. OK. He's not looking anymore. That was a close one.

9. Maybe I should go say hi to him.

10. Wait. That's a terrible idea.

11. Things could horribly wrong.

12. Or things could turn out exactly the way I want them to.

13. OK. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna say hi.

14. Wow. This walk seemed a lot shorter from where I was sitting.

15. Maybe I should turn back.

16. Nope. I came all this way. I'm going to say hi to him.

17. Alright. You're standing right in front of him. Say hi without saying something stupid.

18. "Hi."

19. Hell yes. I freakin' nailed that thing!

20. I am the queen.