I bet all of you die-hard The Office fans wish you could go back and experience watching it for the first time again. Well, luckily for me, I've never watched the series before. On the recommendation of like 90% of my friends, I have decided to give The Office a shot this summer. Let's see how episode #1 goes.

1. 2 minutes in and oh my goodness, Michael Scott is annoying and over-the-top

He's so weird and his jokes are stupid. Why do people like him?

2. Who the heck would hire Michael as regional manager... of like, anything?

He's really bad at his job. Throwing away faxes and not taking his job seriously... like how did he win the job?

3. PAM... Pam and Jim forever! Oh, wait... they aren't together yet?

If I know anything at all about this show, it's that Pam and Jim are meant to be together... minus the fact that there's this dude named Roy? Where'd he come from?

4. They're all so awkward

Okay, so I can't tell if it's supposed to be this way because it's a mockumentary and they're like 'Whoa! Why is this person with a camera in here?' or if the acting is bad or if everyone's just this awkward always, but like, I'm cringing.

5. 10 minutes in and Michael is still annoying

OMG, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE HIM? Go fall in a hole, Michael Scott.

6. Scenes with Jim and Dwight are fabulous

Jim and Dwight are already acting like 5-year-olds with each other and this is the best part of the show yet.

7. If I ever had to work under a Michael Scott, how quickly would I quit?

He is a horrible employer. Who hurt him in life?

8. I can't tell whether I am annoyed or charmed by Pam's timidness...

At first, I thought she was cute and precious. Quickly that turned into, "Girl, stand up for yourself and show Michael what you got!"

9. But her blushing over Jim is the cutest

Half an episode in and right now, if I decide to watch this show in its entirety, it will be solely because I need to see Jim and Pam's happy ending.


Okay, this is the first time I've laughed yet. This was great. I respect Jim for the 5-year-old he is.

11. I don't like Ryan or his gross hair

I don't know you, but I don't like you.

12. I don't like Michael's jokes. They're mean.

Michael telling Pam she was fired was just plain mean. I can tell he's going to do more of this and I'm already mad at him for it.

After the episode:

13. It was... weird.

It was so cringeworthy! Like, the humor is not my type of humor, and I don't understand how there can be a plot based on a workplace. However, that also makes the series intriguing... because obviously, it does work.

14. I don't really understand why everyone likes it

See reasoning above.

15. But I'll give it the benefit of the doubt

While I disliked this episode, I can see its potential. After all, a lot of pilot episodes suffer from being weird. It's an introductory episode that has to attempt to lay out what it's going to try and portray.

16. Michael has to get less annoying... right?

If this doesn't happen (and soon), I will probably quit. I just can't deal with him.

17. I can't wait to see Jim and Pam's relationship unfold.

This doesn't even need explaining.

18. Or Jim and Dwight's, to be honest

Will the jello saga continue? What other shenanigans will they be a part of? Will they become work besties? I need to know.

19. There are so many people left in the office to explore

I don't even know who this guy is, but it seems like he has strong opinions, so I'm down to see how he fits into the workplace dynamic.

20. I'll be in the loop


Conclusion: I didn't particularly love it, but I see its potential and people must love it for a reason.