20 Things To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season
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20 Things To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

There is always something to be thankful for, this year more than ever.

20 Things To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season
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2020 has been an overall overwhelming year. So much has happened in the short span of 12 months. There were some days when the world seemed like it was falling apart and could never be put back together. Other days were filled with hopeful thoughts and positive vibes. No matter what is going on in life right now, take a moment to really celebrate this Holiday Season. In the midst of all the unknown, there is absolutely something to be thankful for.


Family is a treasure. Whether it is the family you were born with or the one you have created for yourself, cherish them.


Old friends and new friends, all friendships are a true gift. Make time to connect.


The holiday season is filled with good food and traditional meals. Savor them all.


Clothes are a basic need of a person, be thankful for the clothes you have. If you can, donate your unused clothes to a local donation station to give to someone who is in need.


Music is so much fun! There is a song for every mood, catering to every need. Music holds passion, energy, sadness, and joy.


Fun and quality time can all accompany movies. I am grateful for the many movie nights with my family and roommates.


Stories, information, and profound ideas are all found within the bounds of a book at your finger tips, giving you a new world to escape to for a little while.

Online shopping

Let's be thankful for the versatile service that is online shopping. We are now able to order just about any item, furniture set, clothes, groceries, take out food, and cell phone accessory to be delivered to our houses without ever having to go to the store.


Whether you're working from home, doing classes online, or watching Netflix for the fifth hour in a row, WiFi is very much a blessing.

Autumn colors

The changing leaves are a small thing that happens every year, yet is always so beautiful.

Sunrises and sunsets

Sunrises and sunsets are like a painting in the sky just for you each and every day.

Video chatting

Video chatting has been a social connection helper in a time when we must be physically distant. I have loved video chatting my friends for no other reason than to have someone "next to you" while reading a textbook.

Walks in the park

If you're bored, go to the park. If you need a break from screen time you should go to the park. If you want to meet up with a friend but want to stay outside and socially distant, walks in the park are the best place to go.

Fuzzy blankets and warm fireplaces

As the cold weather approaches, this is a cozy place to be.


Chocolate is typically a favorite that can make any day a bit sweeter.

Teachers, mentors, advisors

Teachers and advisors are working harder than ever before. They have to navigate the world of online teaching, gage if their students are actually learning anything, alter assignments that previously would have worked, and are reaching out to students, accommodating academic needs when possible.

Front line workers

A chorus of never ending thank you' s should be shouted from every rooftop for the front line workers working to save lives and keep us safe. Show appreciation for them in any small way you can.


Alright, so it may be difficult to see when someone is smiling due to masks, but most of the time you can still get a sense. Maybe a small chuckle and a crinkle around the eyes is all you can see in person. Share a bright smiling selfie on social media.

Customizable masks

Masks are helping to keep the community safe. Be thankful that we can choose and customize our masks, especially when they match our outfits.


Time, according to Lin Manuel Miranda, is the one thing Alexander Hamilton always wanted more of. Right now, we don't know how much time anyone gets. Nothing is certain. In this moment, on this day, we have all been granted the beautiful gift of time and should treasure every second and spend it right.

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