20 Struggles Of Working The Outlet Malls
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20 Struggles Of Working The Outlet Malls

It's a whole new retail world

20 Struggles Of Working The Outlet Malls

Most college students try to get a job to cover their day to day expenses- some choose a restaurant, some get lucky and get an internship, and others... well those are the ones who work retail. And if you go to a school that is near one of the giant outlet malls (ahem, North Georgia), then you work the very different retail sector of the outlets. Between weird shifts and bargain hunting customers, it's no wonder that the turnover for the outlet malls are high. It's a whole new world out there folks.

1. You usually get your schedule about one day in advance.

Nine times out of 10, this isn't your managers fault; we would love to have a set schedule too that we could know in advance, but no. We are just as enslaved as you are.

2. Call- ins.

They are a recent introduction: basically, you call in, with an hour notice, and we tell you if we need you! Nine times out of 10 we don't need you, but on that day we need you, you've already made plans. (Don't make plans.) They suck, for us managers, and for you part-timers. Because when you can't come in, I have to stick around for another four hours! Thanks for the 16 hour shift, bro! (not).

3. Constantly changing store layout.

One day, all the new clothes were up front -- now they're spread out everywhere! Also, forget finding anything you need, now, in the back.

4. Customers who say they make a lot of money yet ask for extra discounts.

They're always dressed in some very brightly colored outfit and carry a Juicy Couture or Ed Hardy something. They also want to speak to the manager, who says exactly what you just said.

5. Having to do about 20 things at one time.

Okay, so today you have a $2,500 goal on a Tuesday, I also need you to be greeting customers and get these 50 boxes done, there's an angry man in the back who needs his size and we don't have it, also could you run the cash wrap and be passing out flyers?

6. Not knowing how to speak 20 bazillion different languages.

And, somehow, it being your fault for not knowing how to say, "We don't have that size" in Punjabi, Farsi, Italian, French, Swahili, Mandarin Chinese and American sign language.

7. Being a cashier.

It's not that difficult to count change, no. But it does get very stressful when a man is yelling at you in a foreign language for not giving him an extra 50 percent discount on a clearance pair of socks while you have a line of 20 customers. All you needed was his first and last name and email. Oh, and you're still greeting customers who walk in too, right?

8. Having to convince people that the prices on the ticket were real, somewhere.

9. Being a human directory.

Bathrooms are up the aisle on the left, Ann Taylor is two aisles down. There are 20 different restaurants to eat in town, what kind of cuisine would you like? There is a playground on the next aisle over next to the children's place. No, we do not have a gender neutral restroom. Would you like a map?

10. District and regional manager visits.

They're typically very perky, organized, and put together people who like to come through and literally tell you that everything you're doing is wrong and, "not like company standard" (even though your store is laid out completely different). See you next quarter! (Disclaimer: My DM is pretty cool, but most of them are pretty tough).

11. Having a very very strange size run of most products.

Yeah, we have 40,000 XS -- but no medium, large, or extra large. You could try it anyway, though!

12. "These are high for outlet prices."

Well then go buy from someone who has the proper outlet price!

13. Having to deal with customers who want their money back on final sale, used items, or expired receipts.

You have had this pair of shoes for 15 years, sir! I cannot get you your money back! Ma'am, these are used underwear...

14. Black Friday (or any major holiday).

Believe it or not, this has gotten easier to manage since the outlet malls now open at 6 on Thanksgiving Day. Still, be ready to pull a 12 or 15 hour shift.

15. Not being able to accept the VIP coupon book.

We can't accept it because we are already running a coupon! You have a better coupon!

16. Sidewalk sales.

Not only do I now have to talk to people, but it's all on me to make sure we don't get robbed blind.

17. Weather is everything.

If it's raining, snowing, or colder than 50 degrees, we don't see a soul. No one likes shopping outdoors in the rain, especially if you're at the Woodstock outlet where there are no awnings.

18. No commission.

Trust me, if I was, I wouldn't be hawking stuff on eBay.

19. Loving your coworkers, 'cause they're the only ones who get it.

20. Knowing the ins and outs of the outlet mall, and where to score the actual deals.

Trust me, I know where to buy good clothes for 88 cents.

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