20 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Your Fitbit

20 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Your Fitbit

Steps, steps, steps!

After listening to my friends talk about their Fitbits 24/7 for two weeks straight and watching them run around in circles competing with each other trying to get in more steps than the other, I decided to get a Fitbit to see what all the hype was about -- and now I know. I never knew I had a competitive side to me, but it sure came out when I would do anything to win the Fitbit challenges. I found myself walking in the rain at 10:30 p.m. just to win the Workweek Hustle. I am completely obsessed with my Fitbit, and I'm sure many of you are too.

Here are 20 signs you're obsessed with your Fitbit:

1. You probably spent over 100 dollars on your Fitbit, so you're already obsessed.

2. You wear your Fitbit everywhere. It doesn't matter if you have on a dress or a T-shirt and Nike shorts; you always have it on. You even have a tan line from your Fitbit.

3. Forms of exercise such as swimming become pointless, because you can't get in any steps.What's the point of exercise if your Fitbit can't track it?

4. Steps! Steps! Steps!

5. It's all you talk about, and you know you're starting to annoy people by talking about it so much.

6. When you hit your 10,000 step goal, you basically throw yourself a party."10,000 steps! Nailed it! Go me!"

7. You do whatever it takes to win the Weekend Warrior or Workweek Hustle, even if that means walking in the rain at night....

8. You have become super competitive with your friends. If one of your friends even dares to try to take the lead when you're in first, you're automatically offended.

9. You've found sneaky ways to win the Workweek Hustle or Weekend Warrior...I didn't sync my Fitbit for a few hours just so my friends didn't see that I was completely crushing them in the workweek hustle until it was too late for them to make a comeback....but I'm not a cheater....right..?

10. You used to hate walking, but for some reason, it's fun for you now.

11. Finding out that your Fitbit was dead after a two mile walk is the worst news ever. What was even the point of walking if my Fitbit wasn't going to record my steps?

12. Getting Fitbit badges feels equivalent to getting a 100 on an exam. I did it! OMG, I got a new badge!

13. If you are more than 5,000 steps behind your friends, you are completely embarrassed. This is not acceptable -- what am I doing with my life? I need to pick it up.

14. You get angry at non-Fitbit people who just don't understand.

15. People make fun of your obsession with your Fitbit.

16. Looking at your sleep log is the most interesting thing in the world."I was restless at 2:35 am for about 3 minutes. Hmm, I wonder why?"

17. Your Fitbit is your only motivation.

18. You realize that before you had a Fitbit, you were one lazy person.

19. You park far away, even when there are spots up close, just to get in those extra few steps.

20. You find yourself double tapping your Fitbit again and again to see how many steps you're at, even if you checked less than a minute ago.

*5,657 steps*

45 seconds later *double taps again to check*

*5,789 steps*

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I Asked 20 Girls In Their 20s When They Feel The Most Beautiful

Spoiler: it wasn't when boys cat-called them down the street.

Beauty – it’s everywhere. On the billboards, you pass on the highway, the magazines you browse through at the airport, and one of the leading topics of interest on college campuses everywhere.

How many times have I listened in on a conversation at Starbucks, consisting of girls’ bad-talking another female based on her outer-appearance? She is only pretty on Instagram or “She only looks good because she cakes on makeup.” Or guys even into their mid-twenties bluntly talking about how another girl has a “great body, but an ugly face” right in front of me.

It is incontrovertible that the emphasis on “looking a certain way” has had an impact on girls that hurt their self-esteem and self-worth.

I’m reluctant to admit, but it seems like engaging in this behavior is sometimes so familiar that it becomes second nature. Often, I find myself comparing myself to other girls, wondering what they have that I don’t. Are her legs skinnier? Is her hair prettier? Maybe I should try putting more effort into my makeup? She definitely has a flatter stomach, but I think my teeth are straighter... her clothes are way cuter than mine, maybe I need to go shopping?

Comparing ourselves to other females and seeing them as competition isn’t only unhealthy, but unnecessary. There will always be someone prettier or skinnier than you. However, there is only one person in this world that is as uniquely beautiful as you are.

Where does feeling beautiful come from? I have heard guys I have talked to say, “girls only try to look good for guys.” Sure, it feels special and intimate when a guy looks into your eyes and calls you beautiful. It even feels somewhat good when a drunk douchebag at the bar stumbles over saying, “Hey, beautiful.” (but it also makes me want to projectile vomit as well).

Occasionally, I catch myself asking, when do I truly feel the most beautiful?

Feeling beautiful is more than getting dressed up for formal and taking a killer Instagram picture. It is the feeling you get when you are strong, confident in yourself. It stems from inner beauty. Everyone feels beautiful in their own special and unique way. That is beautiful in itself. I decided to ask 20 beautiful girls in their 20s what makes them feel the most beautiful. Here is what they said:

Disclaimer: names left out for privacy, but added a little touch of my own for fun

* * *


“I’d say it makes me feel beautiful getting compliments from other girls because you know they’re not just trying to get in your pants they actually mean it. Plus, we’re all on the same side and it’s nice when girls are nice to each other instead of catty." — Beautiful, selfless soul sis with a contagious smile and heart of gold, age 20


“I think I feel most beautiful when I am with good people surrounding me people who make me laugh and I can be my complete self with, and when people tell me l have a good heart it makes me feel beautiful!!” — My amazing and genuine cowriter, age 19


“I felt the most beautiful when I started to learn to accept for my flaws and imperfections and additionally when people compliment me for my talents, sense of humor, and kindness... instead of my physical appearance.” — My perfect sister and best friend, age 20


“When the hummingbirds sing for me” — The girl who let me cut in front of her at Starbucks, age 23


“The best is when it’s unexpected! Like when you didn’t put any makeup on and you’re kind of disheveled and someone compliments you or tells you you’re pretty. It’s better than when I actually tried to look pretty because when I’m trying, I would hope someone would take notice, but when someone takes notice of me naturally I feel most beautiful! Also when people aren’t just talking about looks, but my personality or character too! Like when they tell my mom you have such a beautiful daughter while I’m standing there after I took, like, a minute to be polite to them or if they see me interacting with other people! When you are polite to people they notice and it paints you in such a better light! I always feel so good when that happens.” — My best friend since freshman year of college who gives the best advice and has a smile that will light up the room, age 22


“Honestly I've felt beautiful when strangers or people I've met in classes have told me "your pretty" or "you have a pretty smile" because I've never really thought of myself as "pretty" especially my smile because of my gap teeth so that has always made me feel truly beautiful when someone who doesn't truly know me can say something so kind.” — My beautiful, inside and out, high school bestie, age 22


When I am confident in my own skin and putting a smile on people’s face.” — Another amazing cowriter, age 20


“When I use my vibrator” — My unapologetically honest, confident and beautiful best friend who always has a sense of humor, age 21


“What makes me feel the most beautiful is when people compliment my character. When you focus on your inner beauty, it makes your outer beauty shine. I think that if women are true to themselves and make their inner beauty a priority, their physical beauty will be exemplified.” — My bestie since 8th grade who has never lost her sweetness, age 21


“When I run and feel super strong, like my legs can carry me anywhere and nothing can stop me.” — My fitness inspiration at the gym, age 20


“When you’re getting ready at your friends’ house and they are in the living room ready to go out and you walk out and all ya chick friends be like 'ooh, dayum, girlfriend' and you do a 360 like you Tyra banks owning a runway ready to get litty.” — My homegirl that I can always count on to make me laugh, age 21


“I’m with my gal pals and they are encouraging me to be my best self” — My gal pal that always encourages me to have a good time, age 22


At the end of the year in High School and I was in my economics class and my professor said something (who low key was an ass to kids but was so funny anyway). So the class was doing nothing and he started telling the class he was looking at all our senior year pics that came up on the roll call and randomly he calls my name out to the whole class and says “(Name), you look like a supermodel in your picture, wow” and the whole class looked up and over at me and I was just like umm thank you. He didn’t give out a lot of compliments to people and stuff and he actually meant what he said and I felt really good after he said that.” — My little who is beautiful inside and outside and always makes me laugh, age 20


“I feel most beautiful when I’m practicing yoga. Rather than overanalyzing my stretch marks, and stomach fat and all the other things I tend to see, I see strength and poise and a body that can move so freely. It’s like I’m really seeing my body for the first time.” — Yoga beauty and inspiration to girls everywhere, age 22


“I think that when people in general compliment who I am as a person it makes me feel beautiful and confident -not the way I look. Like how they say I am such a funny person or I am always there for them. That makes me feel good” — My beautiful G big, who is always there for me, and just an amazing person, age 23


“I feel pretty when my mom says “your eyes look green today” or sometimes in the morning before I put makeup on and I see my freckles I feel pretty” — My pretty, kind and sweet sorority sister, age 21


“I like when our sisters hype me up on Instagram or Snapchat.” — My genuine and beautiful sorority sis who always has others backs, age 21


“The day I got my braces off !!It was February 3rd and I didn't realize how much have straight teeth could help your self-confidence! Like I got compliments on them and also it just makes you feel pretty.” — My G little, who is adorable and just a little ball of fun, age 19 (still counting you even though you are a young one !!)


“Other than the cliche “I feel pretty in bomb lighting or in a new outfit” I feel the most beautiful when I’m around people I love who are positive and make me laugh and feel comfortable. Also since being single I’ve learned to find beauty outside of a boy telling me that but just by being strong and independent.” — My hilarious and sweet bestie, age 21

* * *

Feeling beautiful is undoubtedly unique for everyone. Beauty is not classified by the number of likes on an Instagram. It doesn’t come having the best makeup or clothes. It isn’t from compliments on Tinder or Bumble.

Knowing you are beautiful doesn’t steam from a boy tell you that you are pretty or sexy. Beauty is a feeling that is shaped differently for everyone. It comes from inner-beauty, love from others and confidence in yourself. It is the genuine compliments of strangers or the feeling you get doing what you love.

Beauty is the feeling I get when the sunshine comes in through my sunroof and my favorite song happens to play on the radio.

Beauty is when my dad tells me how proud and strong I am.

Beauty is when someone tells me how much I remind them of my mother or when my sister randomly gives me a hug and says, “I am so lucky you’re my sister.”

Beauty is what I feel when I drink my morning coffee, bare-faced and sing to myself in the kitchen.

Beauty is when my best friend looks at me over a shared plate of loaded fries and tells my broken-heart “you are gold to me.” (S/O @malloryrossen)

Beauty is life’s little moments, the kindness you portray and the feelings you get on the inside, that no matter how pretty a face might be, is no match for inner beauty’s shine.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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6 Strategies For Turning Your Workout Resolution Into A Habit

Don't let it fall off the radar like every other resolution.

We're about halfway through the month of January, and it seems that the New Year's Resolutions are still going strong. However, it's only a matter of time before people start backing out for whatever reason. The most common Resolution, working out, is actually one of the easiest to keep, in my opinion. You just have to do it the right way. Here are six ways to keep up with working out.

1. Go to a class

Classes are the best ways to workout. Hands down. They're guided; there are trained professionals there to help perfect your technique, and you are held accountable. My favorite class to go to is Pure Barre. It's a ballet/pilates based class that works on toning muscles and is available all across the country.

2. Watch videos

This is second best to going to a class. Videos can be helpful because they are guided and also help with the timing. Another advantage that videos have to classes is that they are fairly cheap, if not free. A one time cost will get you a great workout. My new favorite video series to use is Ballet Beautiful, which works on toning muscles, and is completely free on YouTube.

3. Find a buddy

Having an accountability partner will guarantee that you follow through on your workout schedule. We all have those days where all we want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix, but having a buddy will keep you motivated on those days, and you will keep them motivated. Pick out a few times during the week where your schedules align and head off to the gym!

4. Make a plan

Do. Not. Just. Show. Up. At. The. Gym. If you do, you won't really accomplish much. You need to go in with a list of things that you are going to do. Planning ahead of time will increase the likelihood of accomplishing the goal. If you say that you are just going to run on the treadmill, what happens when you get bored? Have a plan and a backup plan, just to be on the safe side.

5. Pinterest is your friend

Going along with making plans, if you really don't know what kind of workout is for you, look up some good ones on Pinterest. There's a wide variety, and they will help guide you until you find out what is the best routine for you. Also, broaden your search to the internet in general to do some research on the best exercises for your body type, weight loss goals, etc.

6. Just Do It

This Nike slogan isn't famous for no reason. At the end of the day, as long as you make an effort, that's a win. Just show up, exercise for a little, and go home. It doesn't have to be fancy or intense. Just start somewhere and stick to a regular schedule, and you'll be well on your way of turning this resolution into a habit.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

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