20 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Your Fitbit

20 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Your Fitbit

Steps, steps, steps!

After listening to my friends talk about their Fitbits 24/7 for two weeks straight and watching them run around in circles competing with each other trying to get in more steps than the other, I decided to get a Fitbit to see what all the hype was about -- and now I know. I never knew I had a competitive side to me, but it sure came out when I would do anything to win the Fitbit challenges. I found myself walking in the rain at 10:30 p.m. just to win the Workweek Hustle. I am completely obsessed with my Fitbit, and I'm sure many of you are too.

Here are 20 signs you're obsessed with your Fitbit:

1. You probably spent over 100 dollars on your Fitbit, so you're already obsessed.

2. You wear your Fitbit everywhere. It doesn't matter if you have on a dress or a T-shirt and Nike shorts; you always have it on. You even have a tan line from your Fitbit.

3. Forms of exercise such as swimming become pointless, because you can't get in any steps.What's the point of exercise if your Fitbit can't track it?

4. Steps! Steps! Steps!

5. It's all you talk about, and you know you're starting to annoy people by talking about it so much.

6. When you hit your 10,000 step goal, you basically throw yourself a party."10,000 steps! Nailed it! Go me!"

7. You do whatever it takes to win the Weekend Warrior or Workweek Hustle, even if that means walking in the rain at night....

8. You have become super competitive with your friends. If one of your friends even dares to try to take the lead when you're in first, you're automatically offended.

9. You've found sneaky ways to win the Workweek Hustle or Weekend Warrior...I didn't sync my Fitbit for a few hours just so my friends didn't see that I was completely crushing them in the workweek hustle until it was too late for them to make a comeback....but I'm not a cheater....right..?

10. You used to hate walking, but for some reason, it's fun for you now.

11. Finding out that your Fitbit was dead after a two mile walk is the worst news ever. What was even the point of walking if my Fitbit wasn't going to record my steps?

12. Getting Fitbit badges feels equivalent to getting a 100 on an exam. I did it! OMG, I got a new badge!

13. If you are more than 5,000 steps behind your friends, you are completely embarrassed. This is not acceptable -- what am I doing with my life? I need to pick it up.

14. You get angry at non-Fitbit people who just don't understand.

15. People make fun of your obsession with your Fitbit.

16. Looking at your sleep log is the most interesting thing in the world."I was restless at 2:35 am for about 3 minutes. Hmm, I wonder why?"

17. Your Fitbit is your only motivation.

18. You realize that before you had a Fitbit, you were one lazy person.

19. You park far away, even when there are spots up close, just to get in those extra few steps.

20. You find yourself double tapping your Fitbit again and again to see how many steps you're at, even if you checked less than a minute ago.

*5,657 steps*

45 seconds later *double taps again to check*

*5,789 steps*

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Being Hungry Sucks, No Kid Hungry Is Here To Save The Day

Hunger can be caused by many different things.

We all know that without proper nourishment our bodies can gain a host of problems, some of them being a “weakened immune system, physical and mental stunting, [and an] increased risk of diabetes.”

Hunger can be caused by many different things; living in a food desert, poverty, climate change or natural disasters to name a few. In the US alone, one in six children goes hungry every day. In my opinion, it’s the children that are most vulnerable because they don’t have the ability to gain access to the many social programs in place to help defeat their hunger without an adult.

In order to help the children in America who struggle with hunger, there is a program called No Kid Hungry based in our nation’s capital. At No Kid Hungry, there are multiple programs already in place to ensure children are receiving the nourishment their bodies and minds need to grant them success.

The programs are:

1. School Breakfast

Many kids do not get the chance to eat a healthy breakfast before heading off to school in the morning. Without a proper breakfast, children struggle to focus in school and therefore their grades can be impacted negatively. Since the launch of the school breakfasts with No Kid Hungry, 2.8 million additional children are being served breakfast at the beginning of the school day with their classmates.

2. Summer Meals

Children who rely on discounted or free school lunches to fill their bellies often times struggle to continue receiving proper nourishment during the summer when school is no longer in session. As a result, No Kid Hungry has implemented the Summer Meals program where children can receive free meals at schools and community centers all summer long. However, some sites have limited hours of operation, can be difficult to get to, or may be closed during severe weather. In order to help make meals available to every child at every time of day no matter the circumstances, No Kid Hungry is working to introduce mobile meals delivery.

3. Afterschool Meals

Children who come from impoverished families and neighborhoods often times only have access to the free lunch they receive at school, making it their first and sometimes last meal of the day. With Afterschool Meals children are guaranteed to go meals to be satisfied.

4. Food Skills Education

Although school meals are helping children, one of the best ways to help them is to educate their parents and guardians on “how to shop for and cook healthy affordable meals.” In order to educate the public in different ways (no one learns the same) the Food Skills Education programs teach through the use of “interactive grocery store tours, hands-on cooking classes, smartphone apps and other resources – all free, and all run through trusted local community programs.” Through the program, a staggering 464,000 families have learned how to shop smarter and cook healthier.

All of these programs are amazing on their own right, but it takes more than just offering these programs in select cities to truly end childhood hunger. How can you help? Well, for starters you can make a donation. You can also be an advocate and if you're a parent or teacher, you can work on bringing No Kid Hungry to your community. You can start a fundraiser, attend an event, and speak up for kids by contacting your local and national government officials to protect the programs already in place such as SNAP.

So, how will you help?




Cover Image Credit: pexels

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7 Ways To Avoid The 'Sunday Scaries'

... And never dread another Monday again!

We all get it — that feeling of dread and sadness on Sunday afternoon when the weekend is coming to an end and you realize you have to start adulting again tomorrow.

If you're prone to getting the "Sunday Scaries" or "Sunday Blues," like myself, then try some of the following tips to see what works for you to avoid getting in ~your feels~ on Sundays.

1. Make a to-do list EACH WEEK

If your Sundays are stressful, try making a to-do list at the beginning of each week so that you can prepare and find time to get your important tasks done during the week. That way you won't spend Sunday running a million errands and you'll have more to time relax or get organized for the upcoming week. It's important to have something that keeps you organized and motivated!

2. Don't let your Monday FEEL like a Monday

Speaking of to-do lists, when you're planning your week, try to avoid scheduling early morning classes and meetings on Mondays. Give yourself some time to wake up and ease into the day so that you can start your week on a positive note.

3. Stay off of social media for the day

Image: Giphy

I know it's easier said than done, but occasionally taking a break from social media, especially when everyone is posting pictures from their Saturday night adventures, can be very beneficial for your mental health.

4. Plan something fun each Sunday

It's much easier to give in to your depressive Sunday thoughts when you're bored or alone. Try to plan something fun or productive so that you can enjoy your Sunday and avoid that melancholy feeling. It doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming, just something to treat yourself - like going to brunch with friends, going for a bike ride, watching the sunset at a park or beach, or even just taking the time to make yourself a warm, home-cooked meal because... Sunday Funday, am I right?

5. But give yourself time to relax if you need it

Weekdays can often be busy and working too much can be exhausting. Your mental health is SO important, so give yourself time to refresh each week so if you need to make Sunday a mental health day, go for it!

6. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is basically "living in the moment." To practice mindfulness, you can start by focusing on your setting, surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and actions during the present moment in order to avoid dreading what's coming up on Monday. If this sounds like something that could help you avoid those feelings of dread and sadness on Sundays, try doing more research into mindfulness meditation practices. Mindful.org is a great source of information and meditation methods.

7. Focus on the positive aspects of the upcoming week

Image: Giphy

Are you going to see your friend or favorite coworker on Monday? Are you going to have time to get Starbucks before your early morning class? Are you going to stock up on groceries and snacks this week? Try focusing on the positive aspects — even the little things — of your upcoming week so that you can look forward to it rather than dreading it. Each Monday is the start of a new week and a new opportunity to be happy.

If you think about it, Monday really isn't a bad day. It's just given a bad rap because of the feelings we get on Sunday. Practice these tips, begin and think about what you're lucky for this week. You've got this (even Michelle thinks so)!

Cover Image Credit: firesam / Flickr

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